How Much Is a High-End RV?

RV models vary significantly in length, weight, and price, so deciding on the best motorhome for you gets tricky. Although, say you want to explore the extravagant end of the spectrum. How much is a high-end RV?

How much you can expect to pay for a high-end RV

The American Eagle RV is a bus-like vehicle.
The American Eagle RV | American Coaches

Size matters, of course. The type of motorhome home you pick plays a significant role in pricing, as Consumer Reports highlights. If you want a super luxurious option, Class A models will likely be among your first picks. 

Class A models are medium to large RVs. According to data from CR, prices for a luxurious Class A motorhome begin at $90,000 and can go up to $400,000. The larger and most premium models can cost around a million dollars. 

For something safer and slightly smaller, consider shopping for a Class B motorhome or “traveling coach.” The average entry-level price for a Class B RV starts around $85,000. More expensive options in this realm costs around $150,000. The best news about Class B motorhomes is that they tend to hold their value more than other RVs. 

Class C motorhomes tend to be the most affordable. Still, there are splurge-worthy options here too. Some of the cheapest Class C RVs are $70,000. On the grander end, you can expect to pay around $200,000.

What are some of the most expensive Class A motorhomes?

A Newmar Corp King Aire RV has all its storage compartment door open on the bottom of the bus.
2021 Newmar King Aire | Newmar Corp.

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One of the most popular and luxurious choices for a high-end Class A motorhome falls under the Newmar brand. Newmar is a premium brand known for “raising the bar” for upscale comfort. Some of the cheapest Newmar models range from $200,000 to $500,000. The company’s most luxurious option is the 2021 King Aire.

The latest King Aire model begins at $1,296,080 and is available in three different floor plans. It is built on Spartan’s K3-605 chassis and comes with advanced safety equipment, including an adaptive cruise system. On the inside, the King Aire is distinguished by Italian-made leather and European-inspired cabinetry. Theater seating is available on this model, and so are practical appliances such as a convection microwave and a stainless steel fridge. 

A camper with a rental sign in the windshield
A Monaco Cayman recreational vehicle available for rent | Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Another premium brand to consider here is Monaco Coach. The company’s legendary Monaco Signature diesel model is an actual home on wheels. It comes with Whirlpool appliances, a full shower, and an in-motion satellite system. Monaco’s current archive goes up the 2019 model year. You can find a used Monaco Signature for around half a million dollars. 

Expensive Class B and Class C motorhomes options

airstream interstate grille
Airstream Interstate | Airstream

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Class B motorhomes may not be the most spacious RVs, but they aren’t short on luxury. One of the familiar names in this space is Airstream. It only makes sense that Airstream has a partnership with Mercedes-Benz. The most upscale option from Airstream and Mercedes is the Atlas travel coach. It starts at $239,261 and can sleep two. Some of the coolest features the Atlas offers is a Murphy bed suite and a hideaway Samsung Smart TV. 

Winnebago is among buyers’ first choices for a Class C RV. One of the company’s more admirable Class C models includes the Navion. The Navion starts at $172,128 and can sleep four. This RV has a cute, functional kitchen, wifi connection, and sleeper deck.