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Article Highlights:

  • Checking all the boxes puts the Accord in a different class
  • A fully-loaded Accord will cost you $47,169
  • At $47k, the Accord has much stiffer competition

The full-size sedan segment is a competitive one. Buyers in this non-luxury segment are often looking for the best deal they can get from Honda, Toyota, and other brands. However, what if you go down the options list and check every box on the 2022 Honda Accord? Is this bargain sedan still worth it? Or is a fully loaded Accord Touring pricing itself out of the segment it was built to sit in?

What comes on a fully loaded Accord?

A cream white leather interior on the 2022 Honda Accord sedan
The full-fat Accord gets a lavish interior | Honda

Let’s start with time levels. There’s five trim levels for the 2022 Accord sedan, but only one that we care about right now. The “Touring” trim starts at $37,400. For that money, you get pretty much everything the Accord range has to offer. That means the 252 hp turbocharged engine, leather seats with heating and ventilation, and Sat-Nav, to name a few. You’re also getting an upgraded 10-speaker audio system and a suite of parking and safety systems.

Finally, that 2022 Honda Accord Touring also gets you a heads-up display, and of course, Android Auto and Carplay. Then there’s the add-ons. Supposing you choose one of the three optional paint colors, trim, weather, and badging packages, you’re sitting at a whopping $46,181. That, by the way, also includes the $426 heated steering wheel and a slew of more minor changes you can find on Honda’s configurator.

A fully loaded 2022 Honda Accord has one big problem

A 3/4 shot of the new Honda Accord in red
The new Accord also comes in hybrid flavor | Honda

Obviously, that’s a truly insane amount of money, nearly $10,000 in trim levels, cosmetics, and upgrades. Suddenly, the otherwise infallible Honda Accord has a problem: it’s really expensive. So expensive, in fact, that new competition must be considered for the Accord Touring. That means the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R. Not only is it a 300+ hp AWD rocket, but it’s also arguably as practical. It comes standard with folding seats, and, like the Accord, every single option checked. The price? Right around $45,000.

This issue is a common one. If you fully option out any car, it nearly defeats the purpose. Dealers and manufacturers will make these high-end trims available, even though the majority of consumers will stick with a mid-level model and be perfectly happy. Suddenly, when held up against luxury performance cars like the Golf R, the Accord isn’t a good choice.

Is there an Accord sedan worth buying?

A profile shot of the 2022 Honda Accord sedan on a back road
Honda’s newest full-size sedan: the Accord | Honda

The 2022 Honda Accord Is Anything But Boring

Thankfully, the rest of the time, it is. The 2022 Honda Accord polishes a formula that the brand has been cooking up for decades now. Without a doubt, this generation of Accord is the best one yet. As for which trim level to get? Check here for our guide on Honda Accord trims. Just make sure you’re not checking every single box, it could be an expensive mistake.