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The GMC Sierra is one of the best full-size pickup trucks on the market today. Although its sale numbers aren’t as impressive as the Silverado or F-150, the Sierra has always been a quality truck. With that said, the Sierra has some interesting trim options as well. Here’s all you need to know about the Sierra’s Elevation Edition.

A new look for the GMC Sierra

The main thing that the Elevation Edition gives to the Sierra is a brand-new look, both on the inside and the outside. The Elevation Edition turns the Sierra into a sleek and modern truck with a stylish new coat of paint. GM is only offering a handful of colors for the Elevation Edition, and it’s all intended to make the truck look as cool as it can. 

These colors are, according to GM, onyx black, summit white, dark slate metallic, and stone blue metallic. However, a different coat of paint isn’t the only exterior upgrade that the Elevation Edition gives. The entire exterior of the truck is changed to match the stylishness of the coat of paint. This includes the bumpers, the mirror caps, and the door handles. 

Furthermore, the Elevation Edition also gives the Sierra a new badge to set it apart from the regular Sierra trucks. And if that isn’t enough to make the Elevation Edition visually unique, each truck also comes with 20-inch wheels aluminum wheels that are painted black to match the style of the truck. 

Other upgrades & pricing

In the inside of this GMC Sierra, many things are upgraded too. GM Authority reports that practical features like a new off-road suspension system and hill descent control will allow the Elevation Edition to handle every terrain well. New lights and an advanced trailering app will allow owners to set up a tow easily.

On top of that, the truck bed will offer what GM claims to be the best in class cargo capacity. GM Authority says that the Elevation Edition trucks will have over 89 cubic feet of truck bed space. In addition, the truck bed will feature improved lights as well as a 110V outlet for any camping or tailgating needs

Other cool features that the Elevation Edition will come with include heated rear-view mirrors, a 7-inch touchscreen radio, and a 4G WiFi hotspot. Some features that are improved from the regular Sierra include a larger touchscreen infotainment system and improved material in the interior dashboard and layout. 

All of these features will start at about $42,600, according to GM Authority. However, there are plenty of other options, such as choice of engines, that can increase the price tag of the Elevation Edition.

Other GMC Sierra trims

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Although the Elevation Edition is one of the coolest trims available, GMC is offering other trims for the Sierra. The other most notable ones for the Sierra are the All Terrain package and its Heavy Duty All Terrain trim.

The All Terrain package does what its name implies it’ll do and turns the Sierra 1500 into a truck that can handle all terrains. The heavy-duty version of that is again self-explanatory. It’s simply a heavier duty version of the Sierra that can also handle every terrain. 

The All Terrain package is only available for the Sierra SLT, according to Digital Trends. It’ll set you back an extra $2,900. The total price of the truck, however, will depend on the other features and options that you choose for it.

The heavy-duty All Terrain trim will cost even more since the heavy-duty version of the Sierra is already an extensive upgrade of the base truck. GM says that this will start at about $42,000, but the price will again change depending on how many options and features you choose for it.