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Does Wawa charge you to charge your car? If so, what is the cost to charge an electric car at Wawa? You can find more information about Wawa charging station costs below. Pricing varies from location to location and even throughout the day, but you can find most pricing information online. Wawa doesn’t offer free EV charging, but some places allow you to charge an electric vehicle for free.

What’s the cost to charge an electric car at Wawa?

How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Electric Car at Wawa?
A sign at a Wawa convenience store | Paul Hennessy/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Those looking to charge an EV at Wawa are in luck. Many Wawa gas stations have partnered with Electrify America and EVgo to offer electric car charging. The price changes based on location, time, and many other factors. Using the PlugShare map, the average price is $0.43/kWh for charging up to 350 kW. Those with an Electrify America Pass+ account pay $4 monthly and only $0.31/kWh. Most Wawa locations have CCS/SAE and CHAdeMO capable of charging from 50 to 350 kW.

For those EVgo stations at Wawa, pricing is variable. This station offers CHAdeMO, CCS/SAE, and Tesla chargers, charging from 100 to 200 kW. The CHAdeMO and Tesla chargers are 100 kW, while the CCS/SAE ones are 200 kW. All available plugs show a per-minute charge of $0.30 with a $0.99 to $1.99 session fee. Those with the $4.99 a month EVgo plan get a $0.27 per minute charge with no session fees. The $6.99 a month EVgo Plus plan charges only $0.24 a minute with no session fees.

Pricing for using a public electric vehicle charging station will vary similarly to gasoline prices. Depending on whether you have a subscription to either company, you can anticipate spending between $10 and $20 for a charge. In the long run, it does benefit drivers to have a monthly subscription for lower charging rates.

Does Wawa charge you to charge your car?

Wawa itself does not charge you for charging an electric car, but the company it partners with does. The chargers will be labeled with branding for EVgo or Electrify America. If you have a membership with one but not the other, check the PlugShare map before heading out. You should be able to tell which brand is at the location easily.

Not all Wawa convenience stores are equipped with electric vehicle chargers, either. It is in your best interest to check your route ahead of time to get more information. This will also help you figure out the price of electricity before going. It will not always be the same, but it is good to know the charging prices.

Plan your route ahead of time to make sure your stops have everything you need

You can use the Wawa website to search for a variety of things. Using the Store Locator and clicking on Advanced Search allows you to find stores that suit your needs. These include propane exchange, diesel, E85, E15, and compressed natural gas selections. There are also Tesla Super Chargers, CCS DC Fast Chargers, and CHAdeMO DC Fast Chargers for selection. Pick your destination to find out more about the services offered.

While the cost to charge an electric car at Wawa might vary from station to station, using the PlugShare and Wawa websites can help you figure out the cost ahead of time. Public electric vehicle charging stations are a part of EV life, so you may as well find the best stations along your route.


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