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BMW’s mid-size executive car, the 5 Series, has been around since 1972. In that time, it has gone through seven different generations and played a significant role in defining what a sports sedan should be.

Today, it’s just as relevant and popular as when it first debuted. Handsome, brimming with cool technology, and nice to drive, the 5 Series is outstanding at what it does—swathing you in luxury while offering a comfortable ride with a touch of sportiness.

If you happen to be considering a new 5 Series, there are quite a few trim levels and options to choose from. Let’s take a look at a fully loaded, optioned-out 5 Series and answer a couple of questions. How much does it cost, and is it worth it?

Start with the M550i xDrive for the ultimate 5 Series

A red BMW M550i xDrive 3/4 front view while parked in a driveway.
BMW M550i xDrive | BMW

For 2022, the BMW 5 Series is available in seven base trims. There are two Hybrid versions, the 530e and 530e xDrive, and five gasoline-powered trims from the base 530i to the twin-turbo V8 M550i xDrive. If we’re going top-shelf, it has to be the M550i xDrive.

The base M550i xDrive gives you a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 with 523 horsepower. That muscle is sent through an eight-speed automatic gearbox and out through BMW’s all-wheel drive system, dubbed xDrive. Unlike Audi’s Quattro system or Mercedes’ 4MATIC, xDrive is a rear-axle biased all-wheel drive and can send up to 100% of the engine’s power to the rear wheels. Performance for the M550i is enough to embarrass most sports cars and will deliver a 0-60 mph time of 3.6 seconds, according to BMW.

Starting at $76,800, the M550i xDrive is not exactly cheap, but you do get a lot of car. 

All of the toys, all of the tech, we max out the options on the M550i xDrive

A view of the interior of a BMW M550i xDrive sedan. Image shows driver and passenger seats, dashboard, and steering wheel.
BMW M550i xDrive Interior View | BMW

It is easy to get carried away with options when building your car, and that is precisely what we’re going to do with the M550i xDrive. 

Ticking every box on the options list pushes the price of the M550i xDrive up to $98,069. That’s $21,269 in options, or put another way, the cost of a base Ford Maverick XL pick-up truck.

A romp through BMW’s options list gives us a ton of kit, so let’s break down all the added goodies. 

First up is the M Performance + Shadowline appearance package ($500). Next is premium metallic paint ($1,950) and a set of 20” M Double-Spoke performance wheels and tires ($1,100). 

Moving inside the cabin, you’ll want the premium Napa leather with contrasting stitching ($1,000) paired with the Individual Trim ($1,080). The Executive Package gives you ceramic controls, a heads-up display, gesture control, and power sunshades ($1,750). Dynamic Handling adds the Adaptive M Suspension and other chassis tweaks ($3,600) and goes nicely with the Driving Assistance Package ($1,700), which adds a suite of active safety features.

When you’re driving a car as fast as the M550i xDrive, you’ll want to stay comfortable, so add in heated front and rear seats ($350), ventilated front seats ($500), massaging front seats ($1,000), and a heated steering wheel ($190). 

A leather-covered dashboard ($700) and alcantara headliner ($650) complete the look. BMW will throw in a space-saver spare tire and paint your brake calipers red for no extra charge.

You’ll certainly want to protect your 5 Series, so BMW offers several vehicle maintenance programs. The Ultimate Care + 4 bundle ($5,199) takes care of all scheduled maintenance and routine wear items such as brakes for seven years or 125,000 miles. 

Is a fully optioned BMW 5 Series worth it?

Worth is purely subjective. If this is the car that you really want, then yes, it is worth it. However, we would be remiss if we didn’t point out that at $98,000 plus change, the M550i xDrive is perilously close to the cost of a base M5 ($103,500).

If we’re honest with each other, the main reason to buy an M550i over the 540i or 530i is the speed and performance. If that is all you’re after, the M5 does speed better. The chassis is better, the handling is better, and the speed is greater. 

The BMW 5 Series is a world-class luxury sedan, and the 540i is the sweet spot in the range. Enough power (335 horsepower) to be fun while offering the same level of technology and comfort as the M550i. It also starts at $62,250, which saves you $14,500 over the base M550i to spec it just the way you want it.

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