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The 2022 Nissan Rogue Sport is a smaller, more compact version of the 2022 Nissan Rogue. While the regular Rogue is Nissan’s best-selling SUV, the Rogue Sport’s smaller stature and weaker engine distinguish it from its older, larger sibling.

An orange 2022 Nissan Rogue Sport against a white background.
2022 Nissan Rogue Sport | Nissan

How much is a 2022 Nissan Rogue Sport?

The 2022 Nissan Rogue Sport price starts at $24,260. The high-end Rogue Sport SL starts at $31,615. Of course, in today’s automotive climate you’ll likely pay more than that. Edmunds reports that the average 2022 Nissan Rogue Sport SL buyer is paying $32,512.

The 2022 Rogue Sport doesn’t exactly have a quick or powerful engine. Instead it comes with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that makes 141 hp. This is matched to a continuously variable transmission, which is standard in the subcompact SUV class. There is no optional engine to upgrade to something a little – well, more. If you’re looking at the Rogue Sport, it’s likely because you like its small size and entry-level price, and not its ability to accelerate quickly on the highway.

The Nissan Rogue Sport SL ups the Rogue Sport game

The 2022 Nissan Rogue Sport SL may cost more, but you’ll get your money’s worth. Car and Driver notes that the SL interior “is handsomely appointed and surprisingly luxurious.” You can opt for the SL with all-wheel-drive, 19-inch aluminum wheels, and leather seats.

From there it’s easy to add on and customize your Rogue Sport SL. Certain colors will cost you an extra $395, like Scarlet Ember Tintcoat and Monarch Orange Metallic. You can also add splash guards, a rear bumper, door protectors, and 19-inch aluminum-alloy wheels.

Other available accessories and features include window deflectors, crossbars, and towing accessories. You can even add things like a forklift and front loader, which drives up the price considerably. In fact, it’s pretty easy to quickly spend a lot on the 2022 Nissan Rogue Sport. Adding everything available on the Nissan website makes the price of the 2022 Nissan Rogue Sport SL $38,234.

Is the Rogue Sport a good SUV?

The 2022 Rogue Sport is surprisingly roomy for such a small SUV. It comes with automated emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert standard. The Rogue Sport SL trim level adds more safety features.

In addition, the Rogue Sport’s technology is comparable to other SUVs in its class. It comes standard with a 7-inch infotainment system. If you want USB ports though, you’ll have to pay extra. It also gets decent fuel economy, at 27 mpg combined – that’s 24 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway. While those are respectable numbers, they’re hardly standout: most subcompact SUVs have competitive stats.

Is the 2022 Nissan Rogue Sport price worth it? That really depends on what you’re looking for. If you already know that you love Nissan SUVs, you may be willing to pay for the Rogue Sport’s small stature, minimal added features, and straightforward appearance. If, however, you’re not exactly impressed by its offerings, you have other options, like the 2022 Subaru Crosstrek. Still, if you do decide to go with the Rogue Sport, you likely won’t be disappointed.


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