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Driving a car in the winter can be inconvenient. You worry about heating the cabin, clearing the snow off the exterior, and keeping your vehicle clean. There’s also a higher risk of car accidents due to slippery, snowy road conditions. If you enjoy riding in the snow but don’t want the hassle, a snowmobile could be the answer. But how much does a snowmobile cost? Find out below, and get tips on buying new and used models.

How much does a snowmobile cost?

The 2022 Toronto International Snowmobile, ATV & Powersports Show held in Mississauga, Toronto, Canada
The 2022 Toronto International Snowmobile, ATV & Powersports Show | Zou Zheng/Xinhua via Getty Images

According to Snowmobile How, new snowmobiles cost between $10,000 and $15,000. The most expensive models often offer the best performance due to larger engines. A new youth sled with a smaller engine typically costs around $3,000.

Adult snowmobiles with lighter engines usually retail for at least $4,000. If you want to buy a used snowmobile instead, you could find one for less than $3,000. You can find snowmobiles over 10 years old for only $1,500.

However, older sleds can also have underlying mechanical problems that won’t be apparent until you’ve driven the vehicle for a while. For that reason, a new snowmobile might be safer for some drivers. Snowmobile How also points out that new models come with original warranties.

Of course, not everyone wants to take out a loan to pay for a nonessential vehicle. It’s possible to find low-mileage versions of the same models (albeit slightly older) for well under their retail prices.

Tips for buying new and used snowmobiles

Cabin Life advises buyers to set their budgets before they search for a snowmobile. Spring is the ideal time to buy a new sled because it’s the end of winter. To move more units, dealers typically offer deeper discounts and incentives such as free accessories. 

It’s also a good idea to buy a snowmobile’s extended warranty, which usually costs around $500. Do a little research before you go shopping. You might find a holdover model from last year at a much better price than the latest model.

Once you have some dealerships in mind, read reviews to ensure each has a solid reputation. Cabin Life suggests buying a snowmobile with a smaller engine if you’re a beginner, which will also save you money.

As for used snowmobiles, you’ll need to spend extra time examining the vehicle. Inspect each part for signs of damage or excessive wear and tear. Ask to start the snowmobile, confirming it sounds normal and runs properly. You can also request that the dealer or a local professional snowmobile technician perform an engine compression test.

If you were looking at the snowmobile online beforehand, check the odometer to ensure it correlates with the listing. Ask the seller about the number of previous owners and how often the sled was driven. Because used snowmobiles are cheaper, it’s a good idea to devote part of your budget to a one-season warranty.

A few of the best snowmobile models


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Snowmobile How says the most expensive (and fastest) new snowmobile is the ZR Arctic Thundercat. It has power-assisted steering, adjustable suspension, and 200 hp. 

Composit says Arctic Cat, Yamaha, and Polaris make the most reliable used snowmobiles. A used Yamaha might cost only $5,000 and could last indefinitely with proper maintenance