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The automotive industry was stunned when Fisker Automotive debuted its Fisker Karma in Detroit at the 2008 North American International Auto Show. While the Fisker Karma’s original run wasn’t extremely successful, it was ahead of its time, and during the early 2010s, the Karma was found throughout pop culture as a status symbol.

Unfortunately, Fisker Automotive filed for bankruptcy in 2013, which leads us to today’s Fisker, Fisker Inc. This new Fisker takes the excitement, speed, and aesthetic beauty found in the original Fisker Karma and spreads that throughout an entire line of great-performing EVs. One of the newest vehicles from Fisker, the Fisker Ocean, has impressed just about every critic in the automotive industry. Here is everything you need to know about the Fisker Ocean.

Fisker Ocean: specs and features

The Fisker Ocean is an entirely new two-row EV SUV with seating for five that is packed with technology. According to Fisker Inc., the Ocean is an EV that produces 550 horsepower, and a 0 – 60 time of 3.6 seconds, all while achieving a 350-mile range. The Ocean is built to hold cargo and passengers like a typical SUV while driving like a sports car due to its Smart Traction system; this uses sensors throughout the car to sense the road ahead, giving just enough torque to every wheel for maximum traction.

The Ocean also offers a solar panel-equipped roof called SolarSky, which is capable of charging the Ocean’s internal battery anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 miles a year and beyond, depending on the amount of sunshine absorbed.

The interior of the Ocean is full of sustainable materials, which has more than 50 kilograms of recycled materials making up the fabrics and plastics. It has an optional 17.1-inch touchscreen, parking spot-locating and autonomous parking technology, as well as a “California Mode.” This opens all eight glass panels, turning your SUV into a convertible at the push of a button.

How much does the base Fisker Ocean cost?

Fisker Ocean logo
Fisker Ocean | Bridget Bennett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The base model Fisker Ocean, titled “Fisker Ocean Sport,” holds an MSRP of $37,499, making it one of the most affordable EV SUVs on the market today. The Fisker Ocean Sport aims to be an attainable and reliable EV for everyone with respectable features. The Ocean Sport comes equipped with a battery capable of a 250-mile range, front-wheel drive, rearview monitor, automatic emergency braking, and blind spot monitoring. Other features include lane keeping assist, parking assist, 17.1-inch touchscreen, premium sound, digital rearview mirror, and a unique Ocean Sport interior trim.

While the Ocean Sport may be lacking in some features compared to the higher trims found on the Ocean, the Ocean Sport’s low price and base features are still incredibly impressive, making this an ideal car for a first-time EV buyer, or a seasoned EV owner.

How much are the other Fisker Ocean trim levels?


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If the Fisker Ocean Sport base model isn’t appealing enough, there are three other trim levels. The Fisker Ocean Ultra takes everything found on the Fisker Ocean Sport and adds all-wheel drive, Smart Traction, a Hyper Range battery, bringing the range up to 340 total miles. There is also a Boost Mode, for on-demand increased performance, and the heavily-advertised California Mode. The Ocean Ultra comes in at $49,999 MSRP.

The top trim of the Fisker Ocean is the Fisker Ocean Extreme, which takes the already well-equipped Ultra and adds a 350-mile range, 360-degree surround view camera, Lane Change Assist, autonomous parking, SolarSky roof, and Fisker Pulse, a premium audio system. This Fisker Ocean Extreme is also offered as a special edition trim level called the Ocean One, acting as a launch exclusive which adds 22-inch wheels, a digital signature, steering wheel trim, special badging, and an exclusive interior color, all for $68,999 MSRP.