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The new 2023 Honda Civic continues the lineage of dependable Honda compact cars. However, does the new Civic has what it takes to go the distance? We answer the question of how long do Honda Civics last for you.  

How long do Honda Civics last? 

A Honda Civic has the potential to last 200,000 to 300,000 miles or more with proper care and maintenance. According to an iSeeCars lifespan study, the Honda model earned the No. 7 spot of the most popular sedans and hatchbacks for its longevity. 

A new silver 2023 Honda Civic corners on a mountain road away from any other cars.
2023 Civic | Honda

Specifically, a Civic from the last 10 years has a potential lifespan of around 205,335 miles. However, that figure doesn’t indicate the maximum mileage that a 2023 Honda Civic can achieve. Instead, it is representative of average odometer readings of high-mileage used models.

Every sedan and hatchback model in the lifespan study will sail past 200,000 miles, and a used Civic could go well beyond that 205,335-mile figure. 

Moreover, the 2023 Honda Civic is a member of the model’s eleventh generation. As a result, the 2022 and 2023 models enjoyed a much-needed exterior and interior redesign.

Fans must remember that vehicle updates sometimes create bugs or problems. Still, Honda carried over the 2.0L and turbocharged 1.5L inline-four-cylinder engines, so drivetrain reliability will likely be comparable to the 10th-generation models. 

Is the Honda Civic one of the longest-lasting sedans?

The Honda Civic landed just ahead of the Lexus ES350 and behind the Honda Fit. However, the Civic’s larger sibling, the midsized Accord, earned the No. 3 spot, just ahead of the Toyota Camry. 

So how long do Honda Civics last? Owners can expect well over 200,000 miles out of their newer models, like the 2023 Honda Civic.

Of course, the best way to ensure longevity is to keep up with service intervals and practice steadfast preventive maintenance.