How Many Miles Will a Toyota Last?

Shopping for a new car, truck, or SUV? Odds are, you’ve got a Toyota somewhere on your list. And why not? After all, Toyota offers some of the most reliable and sought-after vehicles out there. Whether it’s the Toyota Tacoma or the Toyota Camry that’s on your list, you really can’t go wrong with a car from this brand. But how many miles can you actually expect a Toyota to last? 

A silver 2021 Toyota 4Runner parked on a dirt road
The 2021 Toyota 4Runner on display | Toyota

Are Toyotas really that reliable?

If you want a reliable car, you can’t go wrong with a new Toyota. In fact, according to Consumer Reports, Toyota is the second most reliable brand you could shop these days. For one of the most reliable Toyota models, consider a vehicle like the Toyota Prius, which Consumer Reports gave a five out of five predicted reliability rating. And if the Prius isn’t quite your style? Consider the Toyota Camry, which Consumer Reports also gave a perfect score.

Fortunately, it’s not just Toyota’s lineup of sedans that scored promising reliability ratings. Take, for instance, the Toyota 4Runner, which Consumer Reports gave a five out of five predicated reliability rating. Or the Toyota Highlander which Consumer Reports gave a slightly lower, but still impressive, four out of five predicted reliability rating.

How many miles will a Toyota last?

Perhaps you’re more concerned with how many miles a Toyota will last. If that’s the case, then prepare to be impressed. Because according to iSee Cars, Toyota is one of the longest-lasting brands out there. In fact, after analyzing over 15.8 million cars sold in 2019 to determine brands with the most vehicles that are likely to reach 200,000 miles, iSee Cars found that 1.8% of models sold in 2019 surpassed 200,000-miles. The average? 1.0%.

A dark-blue 2021 Toyota Avalon Limited AWD parked in the snow outside a modern cabin in the woods
2021 Toyota Avalon Limited AWD in Blueprint blue | Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

The longest-lasting Toyota models

If you’re interested in treating yourself to one of the longest-lasting Toyota models, then get ready. First up is the Toyota Land Cruiser. According to iSee Cars, 15.7% of Land Cruiser models surpassed 200,000-miles. More impressively, 1.5% of Land Cruiser models reached 300,000-miles. 

Following the the Toyota Land Cruiser is the Toyota 4Runner, which iSee Cars reports 3.9% of models sold in 2019 made it 200,000-miles. And if these long-lasting Toyota SUVs aren’t the right fit for you? Consider the Toyota Tundra, which according to iSee Cars had 2.9% of models sold in 2019 surpass 200,000-miles.

Those aren’t the only long-lasting Toyota models either. According to iSee Cars, 2.6% of Toyota Avalon models surpassed 200,000-miles. Meanwhile, 4.2% of Toyota Highlander Hybrid and 2.0% of Toyota Prius models sold in 2019 made it past 200,000-miles.

Other reasons to buy a new Toyota

Longevity isn’t the only reason to consider buying a new Toyota. All Toyota models also come standard with ToyotaCare, a complimentary maintenance plan that covers normal factory scheduled service for two years or 25,000-miles, whichever comes first. ToyotaCare also includes 24-hour Roadside Assistance coverage for two years, unlimited mileage.

The Toyota Camry parked in front of a city skyline
2021 Toyota Camry | Toyota

Wait for the 2022 Toyota Tundra Before Throwing Down on the Ancient 2021 Model

Choosing the right Toyota for your needs

Ready to buy a new Toyota? If you are, then we suggest heading to your local Toyota dealership. With several new models to choose from, you’re going to want to get behind the wheel for a test drive.