How Many Miles Will a Ram 1500 Last?

If you’re on the hunt for a capable pickup, odds are you’ve got the Ram 1500 somewhere on your list of trucks to check out. And why not? The Ram 1500 boasts a smooth ride, an amenity-laden interior, and can tow up to 12,750-pounds when properly equipped. But how many miles will a Ram 1500 last? Fortunately, we’ve got the answer right here.

A silver 2021 Ram 1500 Laramie pickup truck parked on wet asphalt at the foot of a cliff
2021 Ram 1500 Laramie | Stellantis

Is the Ram 1500 a reliable truck?

Reliability is critical when it comes to shopping for a pickup. After all, who wants to drop upwards of $32,595 on a new Ram 1500 only to find out it’s not reliable? Unfortunately for the Ram 1500, it does get some mixed ratings in terms of reliability. According to Consumer Reports, the 2021 model earned itself a two out of five predicted reliability rating. Last year’s model did, however, earn a slightly higher reliability rating. 

It is worth noting that J.D. Power did give the 1500 higher reliability ratings than Consumer Reports. While Consumer Reports gave this year’s Ram 1500 a two out of five reliability rating, J.D. Power gave this year’s model a ‘Great’ quality and reliability rating. It gave last year’s model the same ‘Great’ quality and reliability rating.

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How many miles do Ram 1500 trucks last?

Now comes the most important question, how many miles will a Ram 1500 last? While the Ram 1500 does get some mixed ratings in terms of reliability, you can expect this year’s model to last a fair amount of time. In fact, after analyzing which light-duty pickup trucks sold in 2020 are most likely to reach 200,000-miles, iSee Cars found that 1.2% of Ram 1500 models were able to reach that 200,000-mile mark.

Unfortunately for the Ram 1500, that doesn’t tell the whole story. While 1.2% of Ram 1500 models sold in 2020 reached 200,000-miles, iSee Cars’ data shows that there are longer-lasting trucks out there. 

Take, for instance, the Toyota Tundra, which iSee Cars reports had 3.7% of models sold in 2020 reach 200,000-miles and beyond. According to iSee Cars, you can also expect the Honda Ridgeline, Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150, and the Nissan Titan to last significantly longer than the Ram 1500. 

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Does the Ram 1500 hold its value over time?

Now, if you plan on buying a Ram 1500, you might also be wondering how well the truck is able to hold its value over time. Unfortunately, much like its reliability ratings, the answer to that question is kind of a mixed bag. While J.D. Power reports that the Ram 1500 offers the ‘Best’ resale value, CarEdge reports that you can expect the Ram 1500 to depreciate 50% after five years and have a five-year resale value of $22,108. 

According to CarEdge, the Ram 1500 doesn’t stack up well against competitors like the Ford F-150 or the Chevy Silverado either. CarEdge reports, “the Ram 1500 doesn’t even meet an industry average, which is unusual for a pick-up, as vehicles in this segment have held their value quite well over the years.”

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Don’t discount the importance of vehicle maintenance

Here’s the thing, while only 1.2% of Ram 1500 models sold in 2020 reached 200,000-miles, that doesn’t necessarily mean that if you buy a Ram 1500, it’s unlikely to reach 200,000-miles. That’s why, if you’re in the market for a new pickup and want it to last for 200,000-miles and beyond, you mustn’t discount the importance of vehicle maintenance. In the end, how well you maintain your truck is going to determine whether or not it reaches that 200,000-mile mark.