How Many Miles Will a Toyota Camry Last?

Buying a new car can make for a costly endeavor. Especially if you’re planning on buying a midsize sedan like the Toyota Camry. While a base model will run you just under $25,0000, a more lavishly outfitted Camry will have you spending upwards of $35,000. With that kind of price tag, you might be wondering, what’s the average lifespan of a Toyota Camry

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How many miles is a Toyota Camry good for?

There’s no denying that the Toyota Camry has a lot going for it. After all, it’s been a bestseller for years. Last year’s model was recognized by U.S. News & World Report as the ‘Best Midsize Car for the Money’ too. But how many miles is America’s favorite sedan actually good for?

Well, according to iSee Cars, you can expect the Toyota Camry to last a pretty long time. After analyzing more than 15.8 million cars sold in 2019, iSee Cars was able to determine which models have the highest percentage of cars that reached 200,000-miles. And among those models? Was the bestselling Camry.

iSee Cars reports that of all the Camry models it analyzed, 1.5% of them made it to 200,000-miles. Compare that to an average of 0.7% and that’s pretty impressive. Not only that, but the Toyota Camry Hybrid landed a spot on the list too. Much like its gasoline-powered sibling, iSee Cars found that 1.5% of Camry Hybrid cars were able to hit that 200,00-mile mark. Overall, that means if you average about 15,000-miles per year, you can expect your Camry to last at least 10 years.

Why do Toyota Camrys last for so long?

There are a couple of reasons why the Toyota Camry is able to last for so long. First off, it’s a quality vehicle. It’s well-known for being reliable too. According to Consumer Reports, this year’s model earned a five out of five reliability verdict. That isn’t the first time the Camry has earned such a high reliability rating, either. Consumer Reports’ data shows that most model years earned between a four and five out of five reliability rating.

But how long a Toyota Camry will last also depends on how well you take care of it. According to Consumer Reports, missing even one oil change can result in premature engine wear. It could even cause damage to your Camry, reducing the chances that it will make it to 200,000-miles. So that maintenance schedule in your car’s owner’s manual? You’re going to want to follow it. 

You can expect the Toyota Camry to hold its value too

The Camry is known for holding its value too. CarEdge reports that you can expect the Toyota Camry to depreciate 49% after five years of ownership. Assuming you spent approximately $28,090 on it, that would give it a five-year resale value of $14,236. 


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The key to keeping your Camry on the road for miles to come

The Toyota Camry is clearly an impressive vehicle. It’s reliable, it holds its value. And if you take good care of it? There’s a decent enough chance that your Camry will reach 200,000-miles.