How Many Miles Will a Subaru Forester Last?

The Subaru Forester is becoming increasingly popular. But does this compact SUV have staying power?

Some iconic models aren’t as reliable and long-lasting as you might think. So, how does the Forester stack up against the average car?

Before you buy this rugged compact SUV, let’s examine how well it’s expected to perform over time.

Is the Subaru Forester cheaply built?

A black 2021 Subaru Forester driving down a country road
The 2021 Subaru Forester in action | Subaru

No. This SUV may not initially come off as an upscale model, but its build quality is above average.

You’ll find some plastics throughout the cabin, but that’s one of the Forester’s only lowlights. Subaru made the base model reasonably price and equipped it with modern technologies.

For example, it comes standard with an impressive suite of smart safety systems, including front-crash prevention features.

Meanwhile, upper trims feature luxurious amenities like leather upholstery and a nine-speaker harman/kardon premium sound system.

Notably, the 2021 Subaru Forester lacks an exciting powertrain option. However, its standard four-cylinder engine is exceptionally fuel-efficient, managing an EPA-estimated 33 MPG highway.

Plus, you’ll get the benefit of 8.7 inches of ground clearance and a standard all-wheel-drive system. This allows you to go off-roading or tackle snow-covered roads without having to pay a ridiculous sum for additional equipment.

How many miles does the average car last?

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According to an AARP, modern vehicles have the capability to reach 200,000 miles on the odometer. Of course, some models will surpass this total while many others won’t come close.

But those in the market for their next automobile are in luck. As exemplified by the 2021 Subaru Forester, automakers are using higher-quality materials in the latest models.

Plus, new vehicles feature driver-assistance technologies that help motorists stay safe on the roads.

These factors should increase the life expectancy of new vehicles. Thus, you could potentially drive your next car for close to 20 years, provided you take care of it and avoid any major accidents.

Are Subaru SUVs reliable?

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Yes. Few other automakers exceed Subaru’s dependability standards. However, the Japanese automaker falls just outside of the Top 5 brands in a significant category.

A 2019 report by lists Subaru as the seventh-most-likely automaker to have its models reach 200,000 miles. 

According to the publication’s data, the industry average for this category is 1%. However, that’s heavily influenced by Toyota and Honda, which scored 1.8% and 1.6%, respectively.

Meanwhile, Subarus have a 0.7% chance of reaching the milestone. Unfortunately, the Subaru Forester didn’t earn the best score in its segment either. That honor belongs to the Honda CR-V, which has a 1.1% likelihood of making it to 200,000 miles.

But don’t be discouraged by this information. There are steps you can take to give your Forester the best chance to achieve this goal.

How can you get the most out of your Subaru Forester?

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Routine maintenance is the best way to ensure your SUV has a long, healthy life. You should change your SUV’s oil according to manufacturer-recommended intervals, which you can find in the owner’s manual. Failure to do so could cause the Forester’s engine to cease.

Additionally, you’ll want to perform other necessary maintenance services. For example, you’ll want to ensure that your Subaru Forester’s wheels are properly aligned. Doing so helps it maintain peak fuel economy and performance. Plus, its brake pads will have to be changed every so often.

Choosing a skilled, trusted mechanic can do wonders if you don’t have experience performing these services yourself. Doing so could save you thousands of dollars down the road. Plus, it could help you make your Subaru Forester one of the honorable vehicles to cross the 200,000-mile threshold.