How Many Miles Will an Airstream Camper Last?

Buying a camper is no small commitment. Some camper models can be pretty pricey––especially iconic brands like Airstream RV. But how many miles will an Airstream camper last?

There’s a lot that goes into buying and owning a camper. First, there’s the initial purchase. Whether paid outright or financed, this is typically going to be a decent chunk of change. Then there are tires, insurance, and regular maintenance to consider. So how many miles of fun will you get in your Airstream camper after investing all that extra cash and effort?

Are Airstream campers good?

Yes, they are. The number of ancient Airstream RV models out there still going on adventures is a testament to their quality. Airstream campers are some of the most iconic models on the market. Both vintage and brand new, these RV rigs are appealing to a wide range of consumers for a spectrum of reasons.

airstream trailer parked with a truck
Airstream trailer | Robert Alexander via Getty Images

The new Airstream Care app now helps owners create a personalized service experience. With a wide range of size options, buyers can get the Airstream camper that fits their lifestyle and travel needs best. While they might not be for everyone, Airstream RV models represent one of the world’s premium RV brands.

Why are they so expensive?

Airstream says its trailers are premium quality. The brand also touts new models like the Airstream Flying Cloud trailer (starting at $81,200). There are also more compact versions like the Airstream Nest. According to Gear Patrol, the Nest starts at $42,900. That’s no small chunk of change for such a compact airstream.

A gray Airstream Globetrotter camper off-road in the woods.
Globetrotter travel trailer | Airstream

That said, painstaking attention to detail and quality is said to be put into the making of each model. Plus, Airstream RV models maintain a reputation for holding their value better than most camper brands. They are expensive, yes. But they shouldn’t depreciate the same way that some of the other brands out there.

Who owns Airstream?

According to CNBC, Airstream is owned by Thor Industries. Roughly 95 Airstream trailers are delivered weekly. Thor Industries owns a number of other popular RV brands as well.

the interior of an Airstream Flying Cloud 30 FB office travel trailer
Airstream Flying Cloud 30 FB Office Travel Trailer Office Interior | Airstream

Airstream’s website reports that Thor Industries bought the iconic RV brand on August 29, 1980. Wade Thompson and Peter Orthwein, Thor’s founding partners, acquired the new brand from Beatrice Foods. Ever since, Airstream campers has been owned by Thor Industries, Inc.

How many miles will an Airstream Camper last?

According to Camper Report, an Airstream RV model will last up to 40 years or longer. Proper care and keeping are obviously an integral part of the equation. The better you maintain your Airstream camper the longer it will last. RV Share reports an average of 20 years and 200,000 miles for an RV.

However, Airstreams can be expected to last at least double that. The Aluminum body is the primary reason for the extended longevity of the Airstream camper. It’s not just lightweight, and aerodynamic, but also durable. Aluminum is one of the culprits in terms of high pricing. However, it’s also why the quality is better and they last longer than most of the other products on the market.

An Airstream parked at a campground.
An Airstream parked at a campground. | Airstream

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