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Volvo is a luxury automaker from Sweden, and its cars are very popular due to their quality and safety. Like any other automaker, Volvo has a variety of cars in its lineup, and many of its cars, especially its SUVs, also come with a hybrid or EV version. Here’s an overview of the four SUVs that Volvo has in its lineup, as well as their hybrid or EV versions.

Front angle view of black 2023 Volvo XC40, cheapest new Volvo car and one of the best small luxury SUVs
2023 Volvo XC40 | Volvo

The 2023 XC40 is a subcompact crossover with some powertrain options

According to Volvo, the XC40 is currently the Swedish automaker’s most affordable SUV option. It’s a subcompact luxury SUV, and it starts at about $36,000. It seats five people, and when the second row is folded down, it has a max cargo capacity of 57.5 cu. ft. Volvo offers a few powertrain options, as well as a body option for the XC40. 

The standard engine option is a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that gets 187 hp, and Volvo offers a more powerful version that gets 248 hp instead. On top of that, Volvo offers a fully-electric version of the XC40 that’s called the XC40 Recharge. This is much more expensive than the standard XC40, starting at about $53,000.

The XC40 Recharge is similar to the XC40 in most ways, as it seats five and it also has a max cargo capacity of 57.5 cu. ft. That said, it has a max range of about 223 miles. Additionally, Volvo offers the C40 Recharge. It’s very similar to the XC40 Recharge, except it has a sloping roof design.

The C40 Recharge costs about $55,000 and it seats five, but it only has 49 cu. ft. of cargo space. However, it has a max range of 226 miles instead.

The 2023 XC60 is a compact SUV that has a plug-in hybrid version

The XC60 competes in the compact SUV segment, and it starts at about $43,500. It seats five, and it has a max cargo capacity of about 63.3 cu. ft. The XC60’s standard engine is similar to the XC40’s optional engine, but Volvo offers other optional powertrains on this compact SUV. One option boosts the SUV’s output to 295 hp, and the other is a plug-in hybrid, or PHEV.

The PHEV version is called the XC60 Recharge, and it starts at about $57,000. Despite the new powertrain, the SUV’s seating and cargo capacity are unchanged from the regular version. However, its PHEV powertrain allows it to get 63 MPGe, which is much more than the regular version’s 26 mpg combined. The XC60 Recharge can also travel 35 miles in battery-only mode.

The 2023 XC90 is a great mid-size SUV that will be replaced soon

The XC90 is the largest SUV in Volvo’s lineup, and it’s a midsize SUV that starts at about $56,000. It has three rows of seats, and this allows it to seat up to seven people. It has a max cargo capacity of 85.7 cu. ft., and its standard engine gets 250 hp. Volvo offers a PHEV version of this SUV called the XC90 Recharge, and it starts at around $72,000.

The XC90 Recharge gets an estimated 58 MPGe compared to the regular version’s 25 mpg combined. The XC90 Recharge can also travel 32 miles in battery-only mode.

In addition to the XC90 Recharge, Volvo will be introducing a midsize all-electric SUV that will succeed the XC90. It’s called the EX90, and it will be able to seat seven people while having an estimated max range of about 300 miles. Volvo will start production of this EV later in 2023.


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