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If you’re considering any upcoming or already available EV trucks, you’ve probably got some questions. Firstly, how long does it take to charge an electric pickup truck? Charge time varies for each model, so you’ll have to know which one you want. Soon, you’ll choose between the Ford F-150 Lightning, Rivian R1T, Hummer EV, Silverado EV, and Ram EV. Here’s how long it takes to charge each of these models’ batteries.

What makes EVs have different charging times?

A white 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning - how long does it take to charge an electric pickup truck?
The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning | Ford

The amount of time required to charge an electric vehicle depends on a few things. What is the size of the battery? Is the vehicle equipped to handle fast charging? What kind of charger is the owner using? Moreover, many different factors play into how long charging an EV takes. For most people, charging will primarily take place on a home charger. There are DC fast-charging stations available, but you’ll have to find them in the wild to use them. Additionally, not every electric vehicle comes with a fast-charging capability.

How long does it take to charge a Ford F-150 Lightning?

As one of the most popular upcoming electric trucks, the F-150 Lightning needs to be capable in more ways than one. According to Ford, using a 150kW+ DC fast charger, the standard 98 kWh battery pack can charge from 15-80% in about 44 minutes. For the Lightning’s extended 131 kWh range pack, it’ll take 41 minutes to do the same. However, charging from home without the DC fast charger will take 14 hours to complete a full charge at 220V. The automaker recommends charging 90% for everyday driving and 100% for the occasional long trip. This helps with prolonging battery life.

The Mobile Power Cord is capable of 30 Amps charging on a 240V and 120V outlet and comes with all F-150 Lightning models. In addition, the extended-range battery includes 80A Ford Charge Station Pro charging equipment, providing the fastest home charge. It’s also the only way to get Ford Intelligent Backup Power, which turns your truck into a home generator.

Rivian R1T charging time

Blue 2022 Rivian R1T electric pickup truck - how long does it take to charge an electric pickup truck?
2022 Rivian R1T | Rivian

Next, the Rivian R1T is from a new EV-only automaker and is available now. However, Rivian is struggling to keep up with demand, as are most companies. The $67,000 electric pickup truck takes 13 hours to charge at 220V. That’s about an hour less than the F-150 Lightning using the same power. Using the exclusive Rivian Adventure Network fast-charging system, the R1T can gain 140 miles of range in 20 minutes. According to Rivian, charging rates at these stations will be 200kW initially but 300kW in the future.

Using the standard Rivian wall charger in your home will provide 25 miles of range per hour of charge. Moreover, the charger can be plugged into traditional home outlets that are 120V or 240V. It’ll also allow the Rivian R1T to connect to Wi-Fi in your home and receive over-the-air updates.

GMC Hummer EV charging time

2022 GMC Hummer EV is a car with over 1000 hp - how long does it take to charge an electric pickup truck?
2022 GMC Hummer EV | GM

According to GMC, the Hummer EV pickup truck offers several charging options. There are more than 45,000 U.S. public charging stations available across the country for owners who are away from home. These chargers are all either Level 2 or DC fast-charging stations. With Level 2 charging, the Hummer EV will restore 16 miles of driving range per hour. Alternatively, DC fast-charging provides the Hummer EV with 100 miles of range in about 10 minutes.

GMC claims the DC fast-charging is the fastest way to charge and the perfect answer for long road trips in the Hummer EV. Both Level 2 and DC chargers can be located using the myGMC mobile app. This app can even assist with planning your route to your destination in case it needs to have chargers along the way.

Chevy Silverado EV charging time

The 2024 Chevy Silverado EV is on display, it is a new EV truck from Chevy.
Chevy Silverado EV | Chevy

According to MotorBiscuit, the Chevy Silverado EV offers 120-volt, 240-volt, and DC fast-charging. GM claims DC fast-charging will provide Silverado EV owners with 100 miles of range in only 10 minutes. It’s the same claim as the GMC Hummer EV, so we’ll have to see if it’s true when the pickups are available. If these numbers are accurate, GM’s products would be charging nearly twice as fast as competitors.

Moreover, the electric Silverado will have an available 400-mile range per charge. This is likely the extended-range battery, just as the F-150 Lightning has two different range batteries. With all of these possibilities, the Silverado EV will quickly become one of the top options in the electric pickup truck segment.

How long does it take to charge the Ram 1500 EV?

Ram’s EV isn’t coming out until 2024 at the earliest, so it’s a bit far off. Other electric pickup trucks are much closer to availability as of April 2022. As a result, we don’t know as much about the Ram 1500 EV. According to Car and Driver, the Ram 1500 EV will have a driving range of up to 500 miles. The automaker has also promised DC fast charging speeds of up to 150 kWh.

Ram is biding its time and taking notes from competitors over the next few years. As electric pickup trucks flow into the market, Ram will sit back and wait to capitalize on opportunities and fix mistakes before the big release. Once 2024 rolls around, we’d expect the Ram 1500 EV to be right back on top as one of the best pickups available.

Electric pickup truck charging times

How long does it take to charge an electric pickup truck? Depending on which model you’re interested in buying, the time to charge could vary by a lot. Models like the Rivian R1T and Ford F-150 Lightning are either available or close to their release. Thus, it’s a little more believable that they charge around 70% in 40 minutes. On the other hand, GM products like the Hummer EV and Chevy Silverado EV are still in the unknown category. We’ll have to wait and see if the automakers really are doubling their fast-charging speed compared with the competition. Lastly, the Ram 1500 EV is still too far away to know. We expect these electric pickup trucks to make a big splash in the market and continue to upgrade their batteries and charging times over the next few years.


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