How Has the GMC Canyon’s Cabin Held Up Over the Years?

In a world full of people talking about their favorite midsize trucks, the GMC Canyon is often overlooked. While there certainly are more exciting trucks out there, the Canyon should still be given its due. It comes in six different trim options, ranging from the SL at $23,000 to the Denali at $41,000. So while you have a lot of different options to suit your own needs, each has a comfortable interior filled with modern features. Let’s take a closer look at the Canyon’s interior.

The GMC Canyon is practical and comfortable

While the Canyon lacks some of the flashy features that other trucks offer, it doesn’t lack in practicality. The storage options for your small items are endless. It has a deep center console, wide door pockets, cubbies tucked under the dashboard and behind the front seats, and the rear seats fold up to reveal a plastic storage bin where you can keep larger items clean and separate. Get the 6.2-ft bed and you’ll never have to worry about having enough storage space again.

The front seats are spacious and comfortable and are offered with a heated seat option. The back seat is a little short on legroom. It has plenty for a couple of people, but three adults sitting back there are going to have a tight fit; that’s pretty standard for a midsize truck. The doors are fitted with a triple seal so you can ensure a quiet environment inside your truck.

The Canyon’s infotainment system is comparable to its competitors’ and is equipped with most of the standard features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The display is easy-to-read and intuitive, with large buttons and a bright display. The SLE and above trims also have a 4G LTE hotspot.

The Denali edition is something special

While the Canyon’s standard edition has many of the same features as its competitors’ interiors, the Denali edition is where it really shines. Calling it “the embodiment of premium,” the Canyon Denali is meant to feel like a luxury ride in midsize-truck-form. It features heated and ventilated front driver and passenger seats, as well as a heated leather-wrapped steering wheel.

The Denali edition also has more in terms of tech, if that’s your bread and butter. It’s upgraded with an eight-inch touchscreen and comes with a wireless charging pad for cell phones and other electronics. It even has a Bose premium audio system, which is a perfect match for its noise-reducing features.

Is the interior good enough?

Like we said earlier, the GMC Canyon often gets overlooked when thinking about midsize trucks. The Toyota Tacoma, Ford Ranger, Chevrolet Colorado, and the new Jeep Gladiator all tend to steal the spotlight away from the Canyon because they have more power under the hood. That’s where the Canyon struggles to hold up to the competition.

The standard Canyon comes with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that only gets 200 horsepower and 191 lb-ft of torque. That’s simply not enough for most people who want to do truck things. To get a more powerful engine, you need to pay for the more expensive models, as well as pick and choose the different features you want to add, with a significant price jump between each trim level.

So while the interior is comfortable, nice, and equipped with plenty of technology to make life a little easier for you, it’ll take doing some more research to determine if the GMC Canyon is right for you and your budget. Your comfort plays a huge role in making your vehicle feel like home on long trips, so it should definitely be taken into account. The Canyon has you covered there.