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The world won’t have to wait much longer to see Mercedes’ newest addition to its collection of crossovers. Functional and family-friendly, the GLB 35 4MATIC combines the luxury of Mercedes and performance of the AMG division. This off-roader may be Mercedes-AMG’s most versatile and quickest crossover yet. Its striking appearance and luxurious features may not surprise you, but its impressive speed will.

The new Mercedes-AMG GLB 35

Early in 2019, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the newest addition to its growing lineup of crossovers and SUVs. As Jalopnik reports, the GLB compact CUV will be assembled in the company’s Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant and ready for the road in 2021. As with most of the models rolling out of Mercedes-Benz, it wasn’t long before the Mercedes-AMG division created its own variant of the GLB, named the GLB 35 4MATIC.

Here to impress, the GLB 35 4MATIC is everything you’d want but quicker — and it’ll be available as early as 2020. This super-charged GLB-class uses a revved-up version of the standard GLB’s engine. Instead of an already-impressive 221 hp engine that creates 269 lb-ft of torque, the GLB 35’s turbocharged engine will be a bit more powerful.

According to Mercedes-Benz, the 2-liter, four-cylinder engine will produce a powerful 306 hp and 295 lb-ft torque. The GLB 35 4MATIC can reach speeds of 60 miles per hour in just 5.2 seconds. It can reach speeds of 155 miles per hour. The GLB 35’s engine responds and accelerates quickly, finding the right combination of responsiveness at low speeds and unparalleled power at higher speeds.

The Mercedes-AMG GLB 35 4MATIC’s other offerings

Mercedes has already found success with its luxury SUVs and crossovers. Its G, GLS, GLA, and GLC-Class SUVs and crossovers bring sophistication, high-end performance, and reliability. When the GLB-Class was first introduced, fans were excited to see a middle-of-the-road option. But the GLB 35 4MATIC is on a whole new level after Mercedes-AMG got its hands on it.

The GLB had great bones without the help of Mercedes-AMG. It has optional seating for seven and a practical, striking design. The exterior looks sharper and more aggressive, with 19-inch AMG wheels and Panamericana grille specific to AMG. And it’s the first time that’s ever been done with a 35-Series model. Silver and alloy hit every inch of the exterior trim.

The interior is sleek, modern, and functional. New drivers will receive the best in technology, with an intuitive touchpad, touch-control buttons on the steering wheel, and a brilliant display. Drivers can access almost every feature of the GLB 35 by voice command, which can be activated by simply saying, “Hey Mercedes.”

According to Motor One, the GLB 35 uses an all-wheel-drive system and an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. Drivers will have access to multiple driving modes like Sport, Sport+, Individual, Comfort, and Slippery when you’re in a situation where low-grip is necessary. These driving capabilities and performance make it not just a family commuter, but an off-road adventurer as well.

The GLB 35’s suspension is different from the GLB, with transverse control arms and new steering knuckles at its front axle. This, alongside the ability to electronically control the dampening of each wheel, makes the GLB 35 a true performer.