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Ford has finally revealed the F-150 Lightning, and it has certainly caused a stir. Not only is it a relatively affordable all-electric truck, but it also just looks like any other F-150. However, one of the most important things about an EV is its charging speed, and here’s a look at just how fast the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning can charge.

The basics of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning

Unlike Tesla, Ford seems to have stuck to what works when it comes to the F-150 Lightning. Like MotorTrend said, not only does it look like a regular F-150, but it’s also equipped with things that will satisfy most F-150 fans. The first and foremost consideration is price, and at an MSRP of about $40,000 before tax credits, the F-150 Lightning isn’t that much more expensive than a fancy trim of the F-150. 

As far as payload and towing go, the Ford F-150 Lightning can do both well, too. It has a 5.5-foot bed which has pretty much the exact same dimensions as the regular F-150’s bed, and overall, the F-150 Lightning can carry around a 2,000-pound payload. When properly equipped, the Lightning model can also tow up to 10,000-pounds. Those aren’t heavy-duty numbers, but for most households, they’re good enough for most jobs.

And of course, there’s the battery. The standard Lightning configuration gets about 230 miles of range, while the more powerful version gets up to 300 miles of range. That being said, things will get a bit more complicated when it comes to charging speeds.

How fast does the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning charge?

Just like with many things in life, the answer is “it depends.” Unlike a conventional car where you just need to fill up the tank with gas, electricity is a more complex beast. For example, MotorTrend said that if you plug the Ford F-150 Lightning up to a 240-volt outlet, then it will charge at about 32 amps, which will provide about 13 miles of range per hour. But if you plug it in to a 120-volt outlet, then the Lightning will only get about 3 miles of range per hour.

That said, Ford does offer a better home charging solution, the Ford Charge Station Pro. It’s an 80-amp charger, and it can provide 30 miles of range per hour. It can also fill up the Ford F-150 Lightning’s extended range battery from 15 percent to 100 percent in eight hours. 

However, there are also DC fast chargers available. If you can charge with one of those, then the Lightning can get 54 miles of range in just 10 minutes, according to MotorTrend. These DC fast chargers can also bring the F-150 Lightning’s extended-range batteries from 15 percent charge to 80 percent charge in about 41 minutes.

A look at Ford’s new skateboard design

The new silver all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning performance pickup truck is revealed at a livestream event at Ford World Headquarters
The Ford F-150 Lightning | Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Although the Ford F-150 Lightning looks like a regular F-150, it’s actually the first car designed on Ford’s new EV platform. This design features a skateboard that was designed from the ground up, according to MotorTrend. The Lightning’s skateboard is how the batteries are housed and protected, but Ford was mindful about keeping the skateboard “flat and low,” as that allows customers to more easily load and unload stuff from the Lightning’s frunk.

Due to the design of the Lightning’s skateboard, repairs can be easy. As MotorTrend wrote, technicians can remove chunks of the battery piece by piece. However, new skateboard or not, batteries for any EV are going to be heavy. Indeed, the Lightning weighs over 6,500 pounds, and that’s 1,000 pounds heavier than the regular F-150 when it’s equipped with a V6 engine. The battery alone weighs about 1,800 pounds, according to MotorTrend.

No matter what, this vehicle is something we’ve never seen before. Thankfully, it’s expected to achieve quick charging numbers.


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