How Does the Kia Stinger Compare to the BMW 4 Series?

When the Kia Stinger was released as a luxury car in 2018, some car enthusiasts were skeptical of how it would be able to compete. And to the surprise of many, the Stinger can hold its own against the likes of Mercedes-Benz and BMW. The 2020 Stinger has been consistently mentioned with the 2020 BMW 4-Series specifically. Here is how the Stinger stacks up against the praised 4-Series.


Style is a key aspect of any car, but in the luxury realm, it’s even more significant. BMW’s style has always been handsome, and the 4-Series Gran Coupe boasts the carmaker’s signature look. The 4-Series exudes elegance and simplicity, while the Kia Stinger appears as more fierce and aerodynamic. Judging by exterior looks alone, the Stinger makes a bolder statement. 

Power and capability

The BMW 4-Series may not look very athletic, but it is. This model comes in two trims: the 430i and the 440i. The 430i features a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and the 440i comes with a turbocharged inline-six. The 430i generates a 248-horsepower while the 440i gets a 320 hp. You really can’t go wrong with either engine: both are powerful and buttery smooth. Rear-wheel drive comes standard on 4-Series, but all-wheel-drive is available.

With the Stinger, you get desirable power too. There Stinger also has two engine options. The entry-level 2-liter 4-cylinder produces a 255 hp while the twin-turbo V6 provides an even more thrilling experience and a 365 hp. Rear-wheel-drive also comes standard here too and all-wheel drive is available. 

The Stinger gets a combined 20 mpg while the 4-Series gets about a 25 mpg depending on the configuration you choose.

Inside the cars

The Stinger’s interior is gorgeous and refined. The space is accomodating and comfortable, plus the cargo space is great too. You will also get an elevated sense of luxury inside the 4-Series, but we can’t help but think it’s time for a more pronounced update to the interior.

Both the Stinger and 4-Series have robust, easy-to-use infotainment systems. However, the standard infotainment offerings are a better value inside the Stinger.


As far as safety and driver-assist features go, the Stinger offers a better value here too. The Stinger has just about every advanced safety feature available. Key driver-assist features on the Stinger include standard blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert. Forward-collision warning, automated emergency braking, and lane-departure warning are also available. 

The 4-Series comes standard with automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection plus lane departure warning. Adding on additional features here can get pretty expensive.

Choosing between the Stinger and the 4-Series 

The Kia Stinger and BMW 4-Series are both great options that deliver on many luxurious features. Drawbacks for both models are also pretty minor. The Stinger has a below-average fuel economy for its class while the 4-Series has a higher starting price for the class. With that being said, choosing between the two really comes down to how much you are willing to spend.

The 4-Series starts at $44,750 while the Stinger starts at $33,090. BMW definitely offers an exceptional driving experience with the 4-Series, but the Stinger gives you more luxury add ons at a bargained price.