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Electric vehicles are getting more popular by the day. Hybrids are no longer the small and compact vehicles we once knew. More and more automakers deciding to make hybrid SUVs and crossovers. The new Honda CR-V Hybrid and Toyota RAV4 Hybrid are among the newest in the hybrid world, offering a variety of features and fuel economy savings. But what sets the two apart?

Honda CR-V Hybrid: what’s to like?

Though Honda’s CR-V has always been one of its most popular vehicles in the lineup, a hybrid version will finally be hitting U.S. streets soon in the form of the 2020 CR-V Hybrid. According to Car and Driver via MSN, the new CR-V Hybrid compact crossover will promise the same things consumers love about the CR-V, but with significantly higher fuel economy.

The new hybrid powertrain on the CR-V will accompany some other changes to the CR-V, including a slew of driver-assist features that now come standard on every Honda. The new CR-V Hybrid will use an Atkinson-cycle 2.0-liter gas engine paired with two electric motors, pushing out about 212 hp. And unlike other electrified vehicles, the new CR-V will use a clutch that sends torque from the electric motor to the rear wheels when it’s needed. 

You’ll know it’s a CR-V Hybrid by the decorative badges, as well as a different bumper, hidden exhaust pipe, and fog lights than the non-hybrid CR-V. The interior features a spacious console and easy-to-use controls. Even power-flow and brake regeneration show up on a display, which can be controlled by paddles on your steering wheel.

According to the Road Show by CNET, the CR-V Hybrid will also feature a folding rear seat, to accommodate maximum cargo.

Honda CR-V Hybrid: what’s not to like?

Fuel economy ratings aren’t in yet for the CR-V Hybrid, so it’s hard to judge it on how well it will be able to do its job. Since most consumers opt for all-wheel powertrains when purchasing a vehicle, Honda decided to simply take away the option.

This means that the CR-V will only be offered in all-wheel drive. The CR-V’s infotainment system isn’t too impressive, though it will get the job done nicely. A 7-inch infotainment system comes standard, though additional options will get you access to connectivity capabilities and USB charging ports.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: what’s to like?

The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid doesn’t look like your standard crossover or hybrid vehicle, with a rugged design and high ground clearance. According to The Car Connection, the RAV4 Hybrid “has the widest trim selection and benefits from Toyota’s long and wide-ranging history of developing hybrids.”

Instead, a two-motor system, the RAV4 Hybrid uses a 2.5-liter engine and three electric motors. Two motors make up the front hybrid system of the RAV4, while the other connects to the rear axle. This three-motor system allows the RAV4 Hybrid to provide all-wheel drive when it’s needed. Otherwise, act like a front-wheel-drive crossover.

As far as fuel economy is concerned, Toyota screeches past the competitors with the RAV4 Hybrid getting 41 mpg in the city, 38 mpg on the highway, and 40 mpg combined. The interior is comfortable, with an impressive infotainment center and high-quality accents.

According to Kelley Blue Book, the RAV4 Hybrid has more off-roading capability than most competitors.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid: what’s not to like?

Cargo space in the RAV4 Hybrid isn’t quite as large as other crossovers, and if you want its entire suite of active safety features, you’ll have to pay extra. And though the RAV4 boasts connectivity capabilities, Android users will be left out of the loop.

The RAV4’s many trim levels are obviously great for personalization. However, that also mean most advanced features don’t come standard. When compared to other crossover hybrids, Toyota’s starting price is also higher.

Comparing the CR-V and RAV4

Though both hybrid crossovers are sure to save money at the pump, it’s hard to compete with the RAV4’s fuel rating. While Toyota’s fuel rating is sure to be the winner of the two, the CR-V’s starting price may fall under the RAV4’s.

Both hybrid crossovers offer safety features, infotainment, and connectivity capabilities, as well as quality, electric motors. Whether you choose the roomier CR-V or the more adventurous RAV4, you’ll be hitting the road in style.