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How prepared are you for car safety? Do you have a car fire extinguisher kit ready to go in your vehicle? An automotive fire extinguisher is safe to put in your car and can make the difference between minor damage and a total loss in the event of a car fire. A bracket or mounting system is the safest way to store a car fire extinguisher. But, how do you install a fire extinguisher? 

We’ll tell you about a few different ways to do it and give some tips on safety and convenience.

Where to keep a fire extinguisher in your car

Interior of a new Honda Civic sedan. Many drivers choose to install their fire extinguisher in front of the driver's or front passenger seat
The driver’s seat is a possible placement for installing a fire extinguisher | Honda

You can and should use a fire extinguisher on a car fire, as long as it’s safe to do so. There are a few options for where to put a car fire extinguisher in your vehicle. As long as it’s secured, out of direct sunlight, and easy to access in the event of a car fire, it should be fine wherever you put it. 

Most drivers choose to install a fire extinguisher directly in front of or behind the driver’s seat or the front passenger seat. You may also be able to store the extinguisher underneath one of the front seats, as long as it won’t roll around.

However, some options are better than others. Installing a fire extinguisher close at hand where it can be securely bolted down is the best and safest option to store an extinguisher. Check out two options below.

Installing a fire extinguisher in your car using a simple bracket

While researching fire extinguisher installation, the Bracketeer Universal Automotive Fire Extinguisher Bracket is one of the coolest and most accessible options I found. Bracketeer claims that this product is compatible with most cars, including newer models and classic cars.

Using a car fire extinguisher system with a bracket is one of the best ways to safely secure and store an extinguisher without needing to do any customization work on your car. This is a particularly good product if you lease your vehicle. You don’t need to drill any holes, and you can remove it when you need to return the car. 

In the video above, RallySport Direct doesn’t name a specific brand or model of the fire extinguisher that the presenter installs. But, it appears to be a standard extinguisher.

Installing a car fire extinguisher with a mount

Kies Motorsports shows how to install an automotive fire extinguisher in your car using an additional mount. These can typically mount to the front or back of the driver or front passenger seat. Like the video above, installing this fire extinguisher is relatively quick and easy and can be bolted down to existing equipment.

If you’re buying a car fire extinguisher system with a mount and don’t want to need to drill holes, be sure of two things. One, you’re purchasing some universal system product. And two, your modern or classic car has the proper equipment to support the mount.

In the video above, Kies Motorsports uses the H3R Performance Halguard Fire Extinguisher, which is also recommended below. The Universal Fire Extinguisher Seat Mount is used to secure it.

There are a variety of custom bodywork options available for installing a car fire extinguisher, but that’s not advice I’m going to give out on the internet.

The best car fire extinguisher to keep in your vehicle

With so many options available, it can be hard to pick just one. Prices can range from a few bucks to a few hundred dollars for a high-quality model. There are a variety of best-selling fire extinguishers on Amazon specifically for dealing with car fires.

These are the five best automotive fire extinguishers for your car or truck, according to Firefighter Garage:

  • Buckeye 2.5 lb fire extinguisher
  • First Alert AUTO5 Car and Marine Fire Extinguisher
  • H3R Performance HalGuard Clean Agent Extinguisher
  • Amerex 2.5 lb Extinguisher with Vehicle Bracket
  • Victory 2.5 lb Extinguisher with Vehicle Bracket

What’s the best fire extinguisher for an RV or caravan? It’s best to have a few. Choose a recommended automotive fire extinguisher to keep in the cabin and a more heavy-duty fire suppressant tool for the living area.

Where to buy a car fire extinguisher

Set of fire extinguishers installed in brackets on a wall
Fire extinguishers installed on a wall | Adeel Zaheer via Unsplash

Depending on what you’re looking for, you should be able to find a relatively good-quality car fire extinguisher at your local big-box stores like Home Depot or Ace Hardware. (Here’s where I feel compelled to remind you about your local Mom-n-Pop hardware or auto store. Support local!) 

Of course, there are thousands of options for car fire extinguishers on Amazon, including the options named in this article. You may also be able to ask your mechanic or dealership’s service center for advice and tips on installing automotive fire extinguishers, but we hope we’ve provided you with a good place to start.


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