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When I tell my friends I write for, even car and truck enthusiasts who frequent our site sometimes ask, “What is a Motor Biscuit?” The truth is that the term comes from the round “biscuit” style motor mounts, which were OEM equipment in many 1932-48 Fords and are still a part of hot rod culture today.

What is a biscuit-style motor mount?

A “biscuit” or “donut” style motor mount is named for its round shape. These simple but effective mounts were used on 1932-1952 Fords. Because that era of Ford is so popular for hot rod builds, these motor biscuits have become part of hot rod culture.

Cars and trucks have rubber motor mounts sandwiched between the motor and the frame. These allow the motor to vibrate without shaking the entire vehicle. Motor mounts have grown more complex, and more specialized, with each generation of car. But back in the 1930s, rubber discs fit over the bolts connecting the motor to the frame did the trick. This is why these early motor mounts were shaped like very thick washers.

Today, there are multiple reasons you might buy a biscuit-style motor mount. If you are restoring certain flathead V8 Fords from 1932 through 1952, these biscuit-style motor mounts could be the OEM replacements for your engine and transmission mounts. But that is far from their only use.

Because these biscuit-style motor mounts are so simple, they are favored by many hotrodders during engine swaps. A common usage is mounting later V8s into older Ford frames to create hot rods. Because most hot rods begin as an old Ford frame with a later V8, most hot rod builders are familiar with biscuit-style motor mounts.

You can learn more about motor mounts in the video above.

How did get its name?

Because biscuit-style motor mounts are popular with hot rod builders, the name MotorBiscuit is instantly recognizable to many enthusiasts. But the real reason for the publication’s name is that the phrase is catchy and can encompass cars, trucks, and all manner of vehicles. Even electric cars have motors!

Two black rubber biscuit-style motor mounts.
Biscuit style motor mounts | Roadster Supply

Who runs MotorBiscuit? is one of three websites operated by a publishing company called Endgame360. Endgame360 was founded by the brothers Damien and Derik Hoffman in 2009. Its other websites are Showbiz Cheatsheet (which covers the entertainment industry) and SportsCasting (which covers sports news). The three sites have separate writing teams, each made of experts in their respective industries.

Does MotorBiscuit have a bias?

MotorBiscuit does not publish any paid stories (advertorials). Automakers sometimes send MotorBiscuit journalists loaner cars to test, but the writers are free to create vehicle reviews that are positive or negative.

Three biscuits in a basket on a table, jam visible in the background.
Biscuits | Brie Odom-Mabey

All of the website’s overhead and the writers’ salaries are covered by the advertisements you see on the page. The company’s Ad Ops and Editorial teams are entirely separate, meaning potential advertising revenue has nothing to do with the stories the writers choose or how they write them.

The website’s mission is to inform and entertain its readers with the latest automotive news, reviews, and buying advice. If you want to know more, you can always check out MotorBiscuit’s “About” page.

Next, see Braden Carlson reveal MotorBiscuit’s 2022 vehicle award winners in the video below:

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