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Making the change from a regular gasoline truck to an electric truck like the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning can be intimidating. It doesn’t have to be, though. Charging the all-electric F-150 Lightning can be simple, like stopping for gas. How long does it take to charge this EV? And can you charge the Ford Lightning at home? All of the answers are below.

How do I charge my Ford F-150 Lightning?

Charging the Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck
The Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck charging in a driveway | Ford

Ford includes the 30A Mobile Power Cord with all F-150 Lightning electric trucks. That allows drivers to plug the Lightning into any regular 120V or 240V outlet. The 30A Mobile Power Cord can fully charge this EV truck, but it is the slowest charging method. Ford says it will add about two miles on average for each hour of charging.

If you purchase the extended range battery for the electric Ford, it will come with the 80A Ford Charge Station Pro. Using the dual onboard chargers, the Lightning can charge at the peak of 19.2kW. This will allow the truck to charge from 15% State of Charge (SoC) up to 100% SoC in eight or so hours.

Most people will want to look into installing a home charger to get a more efficient charging method. Ford suggests Sunrun solar energy systems as its preferred charging installer, with installations slated to start in the Spring of this year. You can also call a local electrician to have a home charger of your choice installed.

How long does it take to charge the Ford F-150 Lightning truck?

Depending on what charger you use, charging the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning can take between 41 minutes and 100 hours. Using the wall outlet and the included charger can take up to 80 hours for the standard battery, Gear and Cylinder says. The extended battery can take up to 100 hours to fully charge since this has a very slow power output. This is Level 1 charging.

Using a Level 2 destination charger or public charging station can be a bit faster. The Lightning can accept 120kW on the standard range battery and 155kW on the extended range battery. This means a pretty short charging time, depending on the charger. Plan for an hour or two until you know more.

Using 150kW DC Fast Charging (or Level 3), the F-150 Lightning can charge the extended range 98kWh battery can charge from 15% SoC to 80% SoC in 44 minutes. The extended range 131kWh battery can charge from 15% SoC to 80% SoC in 41 minutes. It is not recommended to use these fast chargers all the time as it can make the battery wear down faster.

The extended range battery can use alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) to charge using the 19.2kW onboard charger. It is designed to charge quickly using the DC Fast Charger at up to 155kW. “The standard-range F-150 Lightning vehicles are also AC and DC adaptable with an 11.3 kW onboard charger and are designed to charge quickly on a DC fast charger, allowing controlled boost up to 120kW,” Ford says.

Ford is offering free charging for two years with the Blue Oval Charge Network

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning comes with Blue Oval Charge Network access for two years. Buyers also get 250kWh of Electrify America fast charging for free. To set this up, download the FordPass app and activate the subscription.

There are a lot of ways to charge the Ford F-150 Lightning, but you will have to decide which one is right for you. Shopping centers, state parks, and movie theatres have chargers these days. You can also charge your EV at a hotel if you are on the move.


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