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You love your big-kid toys, like Jet Skis, ATVs, dirt bikes, and golf carts. They enhance the outdoor experience and take you places your camper can’t. But before the fun begins, you’ll want to make sure everything fits. Which toy hauler is big enough for your adventure vehicles?

What is a toy hauler?

In essence, a toy hauler is a specialized motorcoach or trailer with a large rear or side door. The door opens to an area where you can secure your toys, much like a garage. In fact, the space in a toy hauler is called a garage. The size of the space depends on the type of hauler.

With options like travel trailers, fifth wheels, motorcoaches, and cargo trailers, the space you need and the RV you choose depend on your toys and budget.

Cargo trailers

Without the advantage of living space, these trailers provide basic coverage and security for your toys. Because of that, they’re the most convenient trailer for your gear. Housing several toys, the trailers vary in length from six to 20 feet or more. Side entrances aid in removing your gear easily. You can also stow camping gear in the front of the trailer.

You can customize cargo trailers — such as these from Pace American — to various specifications and include options not available on any other toy haulers.

Travel trailers

Travel trailers are the most economical option among lightweight toy haulers. Separate from the vehicle, trailers can hold multiple toys and can be built for winter camping, depending on the length of the trailer you get. Six-foot trailers will be long enough for some gear and a smaller toy like a four-wheeler.

Travel trailers have a section built in the back that houses your toys. With folding furniture to accommodate storage, they provide shelter from the elements and can be detached from your vehicle.

However, these trailers cannot haul heavy toys because the weight would put too much strain on the frame. For a small family with toys, trailers like these by Airstream work great and look good, too, if you’re not on a tight budget.

5th wheels

Like travel trailers, fifth wheels don’t have an engine. You pull them behind a truck or SUV. Because of the weight and size of these fifth wheels, we don’t advise you to try towing them with a car. Models like this Coachmen Catalina Trail Blazer have built-in garages ranging from eight to 16 feet or more. Luxury meets capacity with foldable furniture and storage for multiple toys and gear.

Motorcoach toy haulers

From well-known manufacturers like Winnebago and Coachmen, motorcoach toy haulers are the ultimate homes on wheels. These motorhomes boast pull-out sections and multiple seating and bed arrangements.

Their large-capacity garages contain hidden features like lofts or drop-down beds, creating more living space once your toys are out to play. Models like the Outlaw from Thor Motor Coach are pricey, ranging upward of $200,000 or more.

Which toy hauler is best for you?

With so many choices, the main question remains: Which one suits you best? Well, that depends on your toys, taste, and budget. A four-wheeler, along with some camping gear, can easily fit inside a small cargo trailer.

However, if you desire a bed, a travel trailer would be better.

Want more luxury but not the price or size of a motorcoach? A fifth wheel will do the job and can be big enough for multiple small toys.

But if you want opulence, multiple beds, a sitting area, and a large garage for your toys, a motorcoach is the best choice. Just be prepared to shell out beaucoup bucks for a new one.


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