How Big Is the GMC Yukon?

GMC recently unveiled plans for the all-new Yukon and Yukon XL. It was a big announcement about an even bigger SUV. The latest generation is going to have serious bragging rights under the hood, as well as with tech, interior features, and overall performance.

Denali is getting an upgrade, and in even bigger news, Yukon is getting an AT4 level trim for serious off-road capability. All these features, add-ons, and options had us wondering if Yukon had to adjust in size to accommodate everything. We did some homework to find out just how big the new GMC Yukon is going to be.

Because size matters

Building out a quiet, comfortable, and performance-based SUV means having enough size in design to carry the weight. Adopting the same ladder-frame platform that GMC equips its Sierra pickups, means Yukon gains five inches of wheelbase. The broader stature will allow for a smooth ride and seamless transition across various terrains. It’s clear that GMC not only opted for bigger everything, but they also engineered the most ideal configuration of framing for improved handling and maneuverability.

Big enough for people

This 2021 Yukon is the premium brand’s biggest SUV yet. In terms of size, you may be wondering how many people can comfortably fit. You’ll enjoy three rows of seating as you have in Yukons past. However, seating eight people will be a lot roomier in this 2021 model. Yukon and Yukon XL switches to a rear suspension and rear layout that increases legroom for those riding a few rows back.

Third-row spaciousness offers 41% more legroom than previous models. Getting back to the third row is easier too. The second-row seat slides a wide 5.5-inches, providing plenty of climb-in and climb-out room for adults.

Big enough for cargo

The redesigned rear suspension also means there’s a significant increase in potential cargo capacity as well. In fact, you can expect 66% more volume. That means you’ll have room for more than just an extra suitcase. Both Yukon and Yukon XL will feature a flatter cargo-loading floor, too, making loading and unloading easier and more reachable.

Designed to look bigger

Not only is the Yukon actually bigger in size for cargo and passenger, but it’s designed to appear more substantial too. The grille looks imposing, but it’s the headlights that are actually wider and take up more space in the front. It’s as if GMC was aiming to not only go big with this latest model, but it also wanted the SUV to seem big.

Adjusting to the growth in numbers

The 2021 Yukon is bigger, and the proof is in the numbers. It’s almost five inches longer than the 2020 model. You may need to make accommodations, or at the very least, consider the adjusted length, should this new version be too big for your garage. To haul that kind of size will take some serious gusto under the hood.

You’ll certainly have your pick of engines, including a 5.3L V8, a 6.2L V8, or a turbodiesel 3.0L inline-six. All that length, width, girth, and weight might have you expecting awful fuel economy. But, based on similar EPA ratings with Silverado and Sierra, some say the Yukon could rate a 30-mpg highway rating too.

Big news, big SUV, and a big decision to make. Enthusiasts are excited to settle in the captain’s chair of the 2021 Yukon. Some are anticipating the luxurious upgrades for Denali. Others can’t wait to hit the trails, sand dunes, and mud bogs with the AT4. Regardless of which version suits you best, it’s safe to say overall; it’s a big ride.