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The Toyota Corolla Cross is one of the newest editions to the subcompact SUV world. However, it has quickly gained a following and may someday become one of the most popular Toyota SUV models. Of course, it has some notable rivals, with the Kia Seltos and the Jeep Compass being two of the closest. The three SUVs are similar, so here’s how the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross competes with some of its biggest rivals. 

How the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross competes in performance

2023 Toyota Corolla Cross
2023 Toyota Corolla Cross | Toyota

According to Edmunds, the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross comes standard with a 2.0-liter inline-four with a maximum output of 169 hp. It’s front-wheel drive and uses a continuously variable transmission. As is typical with this size of Toyota SUV models, the 2023 Corolla Cross isn’t swift. The non-hybrid version takes about 9.3 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour from 0. 

The Jeep Compass is a little more robust. It comes standard with a 200 hp 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four engine. It’s also four-wheel drive, and instead of a CVT, it has an eight-speed shiftable automatic transmission. The 2023 Jeep Compass is also a little faster, as it takes 8.3 seconds to rise to 60 miles per hour. 

The 2023 Kia Seltos is the least powerful of all three SUVs. It has a standard 146 hp 2.0-liter engine. It’s all-wheel drive, and like the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross, it uses a CVT. However, the Kia Seltos also comes in the SX trim, which has a 175 hp 1.6-liter turbocharged engine. Instead of the CVT, it uses a seven-speed automatic transmission. It accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour between 8.2 and 9.1 seconds. 

How the Toyota Corolla Cross interior compares

2023 Kia Seltos interior
2023 Kia Seltos | Kia Motors

To many, Toyota SUV models don’t have the best interiors. However, the cabin of the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross is solid. It’s a comfortable cabin that mimics that of the sedan version of the SUV. It’s also plenty spacious for passengers, especially those in the back, which often have it the worst in vehicles. However, the base trim Toyota Corolla Cross is pretty bland compared to other SUVs in its class. 

The interior of the latest Jeep Compass isn’t far off from that of the Toyota SUV. It has a similar look and places an emphasis on comfort. It also has high seat bottoms for the rear seats, which provides more support for the passengers’ legs. The problem is that it’s not the roomiest SUV in its class despite its comfort features. This is despite it technically being a compact SUV and not a subcompact.

Arguably, the Kia Seltos has the best interior of the three. This is to be expected as it’s an area where Kia tends to excel. It has top-of-the-line materials and lots of space for passengers and cargo. It’s also generally more eye-catching than the Toyota SUV and Jeep cabins. Its use of interior technology is also much more modern than the other two subcompact SUVs. 

Reliability ratings

2023 Jeep Compass parked
2023 Jeep Compass | Stellantis

Most Toyota SUV models have impressive reliability ratings. Due to the Corolla Cross being so new, it does not have a predicted reliability score. However, other reports believe it will be more reliable than most new vehicles. So far, there aren’t many reported problems with the vehicle. 

Regarding the 2023 Kia Seltos, it has a fabulous predicted reliability score. It earned an 82 out of 100 from J.D Power, making it a trustworthy vehicle. However, the Jeep Compass has a 77 from the same organization. Though not awful, it could be better compared to the Cross and the Seltos. 

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