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Flying cars are one thing, but what about a flying hovercraft? For years there have been airplanes that can land on water. But what would the advantages be for a hovercraft to be able to fly? This is the “Flying Hovercraft” from Hammacher Schlemmer. Yeah, that gift, gadget, electronics lifestyle brand. Anyway, it says the Flying Hovercraft can fly 20 feet above the water’s surface, at freeway speeds around 70 mph. We’re in!

What powers the Flying Hovercraft?

The Flying Hovercraft
The Flying Hovercraft | HS

Powering the Hammacher Schlemmer hovercraft is a two-cylinder turbocharged 130-hp engine. It can go 155 miles on a tank of gas, and it is liquid-cooled. So no electrification, just straight-forward internal combustion. 

According to the company, “Operating in freshwater or saltwater, and up to 30 percent inclines over sand, mud, grass, swamp, desert, ice, and snow. Its wings, and horizontal elevator enable pilots to simply hop over water- or land-based obstacles up to 20-feet high. Insurmountable to a typical hovercraft.”

The Flying Hovercraft spins a 60-inch wood and carbon composite propeller. Complementing that is a 34-inch lift fan spinning at 1,100 rpm. This inflates the skirt below the hovercraft, which is made of durable vinyl-coated nylon. “Its low center of gravity and composite fiberglass and PVC hull enables it to operate in winds up to 25 mph and waves up to six feet when in flight,” says the company.

How do you fly the Flying Hovercraft?

The Flying Hovercraft
The Flying Hovercraft | HS

It can handle up to 600 lbs maximum, including pilot and passengers when in the air. A joystick allows the pilot to control both the three vertical rudders and the elevator. A twist friction-lock throttle controls the speed and hovering capabilities. There is also a variable drive system controlling the lift fan. 

If the pilot lowers the lift fan’s RPMs, the hovercraft will slow down. Kevlar composite landing skids work for landing on most terrain. Your next lake of river trip could be a whole new experience with one of these. 

How much is the Flying Hovercraft?

The Flying Hovercraft
The Flying Hovercraft | HS

And the cost? Well, that’s a bit of a buzzkill. The retail price is $190,000. A paddle and small boat will probably be as close as we can come to skirting on the water. But we know that will never compare to the Flying Hovercraft. 

How about a Golf Cart Hovercraft instead?

Golf Cart Hovercraft
Golf Cart Hovercraft | HS

If the price of the Flying Hovercraft is too steep for your bank account, maybe Hammacher Schlemmer can interest you in a Golf Cart Hovercraft. Yes, for gliding over fairways, sand traps, and water hazards, if you love golf, you need this. Cross water shots are a simple exercise in this hovercraft. 

You’ll easily be able to squeeze in another round with the amount of time this saves. It can handle four passengers and two golf bags. And the price is much lower than the Flying Hovercraft. This will set you back only $58,000. That’s clearly within the range of affordable. After all, if you can afford to chase around a little white ball, you can handle 58 big.  


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