Dream House Built On Minnesota Racetrack is For Sale

Located at 5417 Trackview Road, this is your chance to truly live in a house with the best track view around. That’s because it is sitting in the middle of a race track. The Brainerd International Raceway to be exact. Yes, it’s your dream house.

Your dream house will have 300 mph+ nitro dragsters aimed at it

5417 Trackview Road garage
5417 Trackview Road | Zillow

You’ll practically be in the driver’s seat of either road or drag racing spectacles most weekends in the spring and summer. In fact, if you love drag racing, everything plying the strip is aimed right at your house. Mostly at 300 mph or more. Just look out any of the facing windows to be right where the action is. 

Now, we should be honest. We call it a house, but it is really a big garage with some living quarters attached. That’s not so much a bad thing as it is a car enthusiast’s dream, for sure. 

This three-story pad could be your very own dream house

5417 Trackview Road living room
5417 Trackview Road | Zillow

Screw season tickets to the Vikings or the Twins. If you live in Minnesota or have dreamed of a chance like this, you have to step up. For starters, the bottom floor is completely reserved for cars. Enough room for four. There is even a parking lift. And a display turntable for your most prized possession. 

You can keep the curious out of your second-floor living quarters because there is a wet bar and a large family gathering area. Once upstairs, you’re treated to two-bedroom and two-bathroom living quarters. Of course, the bathrooms are racing-themed. 

There is both a second-story covered deck and third-story observation deck

5417 Trackview Road covered deck
5417 Trackview Road | Zillow

The living room overlook gives a bird’s eye view of the garage area. To get away from the racing action there is also a covered deck that looks out to the directly adjacent wooded lake. But there’s more.

Slide up to the third floor and it is an observation deck. And we do mean slide up. You can get there by the built-in elevator. They just thought of everything. 

But the best part might be everything happening at the tracks is free. That’s right, all BIR-sanctioned events come with a “good neighbor pass.” And there’s a private entrance protected by a gate, so there’s no looking for a good parking spot. 

Your next-door neighbor is a car nut and could be your new best friend

5417 Trackview Road wet bar
5417 Trackview Road | Zillow

A public thoroughfare is close if you need to get to the liquor store to get ready for your race car buddies. And their spouses, of course. And just think, your only neighbor next door is a car nut, so you’ll have instant new friends with the purchase. 

If you’re a regular at BIR you could save hundreds of dollars a year with the passes alone. And you’ll have what is arguably the best spot at the track. So how much will all of this wonderfulness cost?

According to Zillow, just $999,999 buys it. And who knows, there might be a bit of wiggle room in the price as it has been on the market for over 40 days. While we can’t believe it hasn’t been gobbled up, maybe that’s because you were meant to own it? If you do buy it, can we be your friends?

5417 Trackview Road bathroom
5417 Trackview Road | Zillow

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