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Can’t afford an F-150 Raptor? Can’t afford a $200,000 trophy truck? Why not download the Hot Wheels Unleashed game and install the new Monster Truck Expansion pack. The new pack was released on April 20, 2022 and for the first time lets you race monster trucks alongside classic Hot Wheels cars.

Hot Wheels Unleashed is one of the top racing games

A screen shot from the Hot Wheels Unleashed game.
Screenshot from Hot Wheel Unleashed | Milestone

Hot Wheels Unleashed is an incredibly-popular racing game for your PC, or Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, or any number of gaming systems. For anyone who wants to re-live the nostalgia of their youth, the game is totally addictive. You race Hot Wheels cars on Hot Wheels track, wheel-to-wheel, over jumps and through loop-de-loops. The backgrounds are messy kids rooms, a kitchen, or outdoor settings.

Like more serious racing games, Unleashed lets you enter a career mode where you rack up points to earn “better” cars. Up to 12 people can race at once in online sessions, or in the same room with a split-screen mode.

The action is smooth, and the racing is competent. The game was built by Milestone, who also built the MotoGP series of games that are known for their stunning realism. The game was nominated for a Best Sports/Racing Game award at The Game Awards in 2021.

What else is new in the game?

New trucks for Hot Wheels Unleashed | Milestone

The new expansion pack includes a new Jungle map, a Quarry map, a Desert track and Ice Mountain. It also allows you to build your own tracks now, just like you did as a kid with snap-together pieces of track.

The new trucks that you can get look like they are inspired by real monster trucks that you’d see crushing cars at your local coliseum.

The new pack is $14.99, or you can buy the whole game for $29.99.

There are some early issues with the expansion pack

When you put monster trucks in a venue they don’t belong, they create havoc. Imagine trying to park Grave Digger at the local Trader Joe’s and you can imagine what kind of trouble these big trucks cause in the game.

But, several gamers have reporter that the tracks that are super-fast and fun for other cars in the game simply aren’t built for the big trucks. Some of the trucks crash and tumble off, or worse can’t get over obstacles that other cars sail through. Patches are expected to be coming soon, though.

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