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Putting this image from the San Francisco Police Department up you can see the obvious problem. But there are many more connected to this Cadillac CTS-V besides a woman sticking out of the window holding an AK-47 assault rifle. But, would you believe this was happening while doing donuts in an intersection? 

While the CTS-V was confiscated, we’d rather know about that AK-47

Woman in CTS-V with AK-47 assault rifle
Woman in CTS-V with AK-47 assault rifle | SFPD

The SF Police ended up seizing the Cadillac for “exhibition of speed” but otherwise no word has come out about the driver, passenger, AK-47, and whether any arrests were made. Or confiscation of the assault rifle, for that matter. Exhibition of speed in California can mean anything from squealing tires to street racing. Obviously, doing donuts falls neatly into that category.

This happened back in July, and the SF Police soon found the Cadillac and impounded it. The incident took place at Barneveld Ave. and McKinnon Ave. This intersection is in an industrial area tucked between the 101 Highway and Embarcadero Freeway, just south of Mission District. It is notorious for attracting those finding the yearn to do or watch takeovers. 

Is that just an airsoft gun or a real AK-47?

Confiscated CTS-V by SFPD on tow back
Confiscated CTS-V by SFPD | SFPD

So, the elephant in the room is what was the young lady doing with an AK-47? Is it just an airsoft gun, or the real deal? And if it is the real thing, was it loaded? A driver or passenger hanging out of a car’s side window while it is in motion on a public street is illegal, for sure.  

We know that full-action AK-47s are illegal pretty much in all 50 states. As this particular AK has a pistol grip and no stock, it is definitely not legal under any circumstances. Unless, of course, it is modified to be a pistol. As you can tell, there is a myriad of laws either allowing or forbidding AKs. The infractions around exhibition of speed are much more concrete.

So far there has been no public follow-up about this “exhibition of speed”

Twitter shot of SFPD post
Twitter post by SFPD | Twitter

While the SF Police have not followed up on their post about this incident, we’d sure like to know if arrests or gun confiscation took place. We sort of need to know that some crazy person hanging out of a car while doing donuts brandishing an AK-47 with the safety off is not out on the streets. In some ways, it is such a strong image that it looks almost staged.