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Japanese automaker Honda Motor Company produces several popular vehicles for the SUV vehicle segment. Models like the Honda Pilot and Honda CR-V have been particularly impactful. What is Honda’s best-selling SUV?

What is Honda’s best-selling SUV?

The Honda CR-V is Honda’s best-selling SUV. Honda sold 156,482 CR-V models as of August 2022. It sold a whopping 272,657 CR-Vs in 2021 as of last August. Honda’s CR-V small SUV is consistently on the heels of America’s best-selling small SUV, the Toyota RAV4.

A gray 2022 Honda CR-V small SUV is parked on a roof.
The 2022 Honda CR-V | Honda

The CR-V is Honda’s best-selling SUV nameplate because it is affordable and practical. The Honda CR-V doesn’t break the bank, but it comes in several trim levels that offer better standard features.

Drivers buy the Honda CR-V because it has great driving dynamics for a vehicle of its size. The small SUV has a roomy cabin and a spacious cargo area. Recent model years have been fuel efficient. Honda even offers the CR-V with a hybrid powertrain for drivers that want the best CR-V fuel economy possible.

Honda provides enough configurations for different types of drivers to enjoy the CR-V. The 2023 model year will be a huge upgrade for the nameplate, which could mean an uptick in sales.

How long does a CR-V last?

Honda nameplates like the Civic are known for outlasting competitors. The CR-V should last drivers at least until the CR-V racks up 200,000 miles on its odometer. The average American driver travels roughly 15,000 miles a year. Based on that annual driving range estimate, a new CR-V model should last drivers for at least 13 years. claims that the average new vehicle ownership time period is only 8.4 years, so the CR-V has excellent longevity.

A blue Honda CR-V small SUV is driving on the road.
The Honda CR-V | Honda

The CR-V makes a great used small SUV as well. The Honda CR-V retains its value well over time and depreciates slowly. In fact, the small SUV depreciates so slowly that buyers are often better off buying a completely new CR-V over one that’s just a few years old. Kelley Blue Book claims that the 2018 Honda CR-V has a fair purchase price of $22,122 with over 64K miles. That isn’t far off from the price of a brand-new CR-V.

Is the Honda CR-V worth buying?

The Honda CR-V is worth the money because of the value it provides over an extended period of time. The 2022 Honda CR-V starts at $26,800. It uses a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine to make 190 horsepower. The small SUV achieves 28 miles per gallon in the city and 34 miles per gallon on the highway.

The 2022 CR-V comes in five different trim levels: the LX, Special Edition, EX, EX-L, and Touring. The small SUV is also available as a hybrid. Car and Driver recommends the EX Hybrid configuration because of standard features like heated front seats and blind-spot monitoring.

The 2023 Honda CR-V has the potential to be the best CR-V model yet. The new model year is a complete redesign that includes better standard features like a larger infotainment system and standard blind-spot monitoring. So, the CR-V is worth buying, and it only seems to be getting better with time.

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