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Andre Agassi once said, “Image is everything,” during an old Canon camera ad. Kelley Blue Book’s 2023 Brand Image Awards recognize the automakers who make some of the best cars, trucks, and SUVs. Honda, Toyota, and Tesla were some of the most awarded brands across the board. Honda and Toyota have highly-rated sedans, pickup trucks, and sport utility vehicles. Tesla isn’t far behind, taking home plenty of awards for its luxury EVs. If image is everything, these three automakers have it figured out.

Kelley Blue Book’s 2023 Brand Image Awards recognized Honda vehicles

This 2023 Honda SUV helped win Kelley Blue Book's 2023 Brand Image Awards
A 2023 Honda CR-V | Honda

Kelley Blue Book’s 2023 Brand Image Awards results are in, and Honda was a big winner this year. For the last 15 years, the Brand Image Awards have selected the brands that car shoppers seem to appreciate most. These awards are given to companies that shoppers know exist and to the ever-improving brands that keep consumers happy. This is also one of the ways a brand is successful, by continuously grabbing and keeping the attention of drivers.

Honda won the Best Overall Brand for 2023, thanks to its wide range of recently updated vehicles. Kelley Blue Book also says that Honda’s vehicle quality helped it become the Best Overall Brand. Some of its best models for this year include the 2023 Honda CR-V, Honda HR-V, and the Honda Pilot SUV.

In addition to being the Best Overall Brand, Honda also took home the Best Value Brand. Since 2015, Honda has taken home this award every year. Offering cars, trucks, and SUVs with plenty of features at a reasonable cost is in Honda’s brand DNA.

Toyota took home some of Kelley Blue Book’s 2023 Brand Image Awards

Toyota still snagged the Most Trusted Brand award from Kelley Blue Book for 2023. Kelley Blue Book says that Toyota’s legendary reliability has led the brand to win this award, which most shoppers recognize without even knowing it. Some of Toyota’s highest-rated vehicles for this year include the 2023 Toyota RAV4, Sienna, and both the Tacoma and Tundra trucks.

Speaking of trucks, Toyota also took home Kelley Blue Book’s 2023 Brand Image Award for the Best Overall Truck Brand. Shoppers and experts highly rate both the 2023 Toyota Tacoma and Tundra. This is the fifth year in a row Toyota has been recognized for its trucks and had the highest average score across all ratings of truck models.

In fact, the 2023 Toyota Tundra is one of the only trucks to be recognized by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Both the crew cab and extended cab versions earned this year’s highest Top Safety Pick Plus award.

Tesla won the Best Overall Electric Vehicle Brand

Tesla was another big winner this year, taking home four major awards. It won the Best Electric Vehicle Brand and took home Best Overall Luxury Brand, Best Value Luxury Brand, Most Refined Luxury Brand, and Best Performance Luxury Brand. That is most luxury categories, with one win from Lexus and Porsche in the areas of Most Trusted Luxury Brand and Best Car Styling Luxury Brand. Tesla’s Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X are some of the best EVs on the market for this year and have been for many years.

Kelley Blue Book’s 2023 Brand Image Awards recognize the automakers with exciting, reliable, and luxurious vehicles. In order to keep shoppers interested and coming back for another new car, these brands have kept it interesting.


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