Honda: The Worst Things You Should Know About Before Buying

Generally speaking, Honda has a great reputation as a manufacturer who has been around a long time, producing reliable, efficient cars. The company’s vehicles are known all over the world and are the daily drivers of millions.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s always sunshine and roses for owners. Here are a few things you’re going to want to know if you’re considering purchasing a Honda.

Issues with early tech systems

While new Honda models have the latest user-friendly tech, older models can have some issues with tech systems that don’t make much sense. In their early systems, Honda vehicles had awkward touchscreens and infotainment systems with no support for smartphone integration like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Users also didn’t like the lack of a volume knob, and they found it difficult to use the touchscreen while on the road. Luckily for everyone, vast improvements have been made in these systems from the early days of car tech. 

The high price of Honda options

You might think of Honda as an affordable brand, and you would be right. That is, of course, until you start adding on the many available options that can quickly bring up the price. A Honda Accord may start at $23,570, but load it up with options, and suddenly, you’re up to over $40,000. At that point, you’re getting into the range of luxury sedans. 

Another good example of this is the 2020 Honda Pilot. The base Pilot LX model has a starting MSRP of $31,650. However, quite a few things that you might think were standard are actually add-on options. Accessories like body-side molding and roof crossbars are options, and so are running boards and chrome trim.

Inside, cargo covers and organizers are extra. Back up sensors are not standard. In the end, all the added options can all add up to an SUV costing over $50,000. 

Lack of Honda styling

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In the beginning, it really wasn’t about looks. Honda designed cars for fuel efficiency and practicality, and it showed in their lack of exterior styling. Base models could even be described as bland, with the Civic and the Fit having especially uninteresting exteriors.

However, it seems that the automaker’s designers have taken things a bit too far in recent years, adding unnecessary design elements like jagged tail lights and excessive chrome. Some critics think the carmaker could do a little better with exterior design elements. 

Thieves love Hondas

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There’s another reason you may want to think twice about buying a Honda, and that’s that thieves may like it as much as you do. According to Car and Driver, the Civic and Accord were the two most stolen vehicles in America in 2018. Specifically, at No. 2 was the 1997 Honda Accord. Granted, there were a lot of these out there to steal because Honda sold over 384,000 units. These cars are still getting stolen 20 years later.

In the top spot for stolen vehicles in 2018 is the 2000 Civic with 5,290 units stolen. You’ve probably noticed that both of these are much older Honda models, so it’s not really fair to call it a problem unless you’re planning on buying a vintage vehicle. Today’s Honda Civic models are full of standard security features that make them a much less popular target for thieves. 

Even with these few issues, Honda models are a solid choice for a lot of different reasons when you’re looking to purchase a new or used vehicle. High-performance options, the ability to still get a manual transmission, practical Honda features and styles, and great resale value are just a few of the reasons Honda remains one of America’s most popular brands.