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Whether you are a seasoned motorcycle owner or a beginner, there is no denying the impact of the Honda Shadow 750, a bike that has been a favorite for all consumers since its introduction in 1983. Upon its first release, the Honda 750 was known as the Shadow VT750c. These motorcycles had some hurdles to overcome.

The first of many hurdles was a new import restriction on Japanese motorcycles above 700cc, putting the 750 out of production until 1985, when the import restriction was lifted. Since then, the Honda Shadow 750 has had a long-running line of success throughout the years due in part to its weight. Here is everything you need to know about the Honda Shadow 750 and why its weight plays such a significant role in its success.

Honda Shadow 750 specs, features, and price

A blue 2022 Honda Shadow in a white room.
2022 Honda Shadow | American Honda Motor Co., Inc

The Honda Shadow 750 is a motorcycle with two different trim levels, the 750 Shadow Phantom and the 750 Shadow Aero. According to timeless2wheels, the Shadow 750 is equipped with a 745cc liquid-cooled 52-degree V-twin engine with a two-spark plug per cylinder ignition system and a valve train featuring a single overhead cam with three valves per cylinder. The Shadow 750 has a standard single-disc brake up front with a two-piston caliper and a drum brake in the back.

Where the two Shadow 750 trim levels differ is in aesthetic design. The Shadow 750 Phantom comes in two colors; Matte Black Metallic and Adventure Green. The Phantom also has a black engine, wheels, fenders, and other small components. On the other hand, the Shadow 750 Aero is covered in chrome, including chrome cylinder head covers, air cleaner cover, engine covers, brake and clutch lever brackets, rear brake pedal, and more. It’s also available in an exclusive Ultra Blue Metallic color. The Shadow Phantom is priced at $7,899 MSRP, and the Shadow Aero carries starts at $7,799 MSRP.

How much does the Honda Shadow 750 weigh?

The Honda Shadow 750 carries a curb weight of 549 pounds with the Phantom model and a curb weight of 560 pounds with the Aero model. Compared to other popular bikes like the Harley-Davidson Street Glide and the Indian Roadmaster, this puts the Shadow 750 in a much lower weight class, with the Street Glide weighing in at 829 pounds and the Roadmaster weighing in at 877 pounds on a dry fuel tank.

Why is a lower weight better for some owners?

Every bit of weight matters with a vehicle as small as a motorcycle. According to, there are a ton of reasons why a lighter bike is preferable for many owners. With a more lightweight bike, your engine won’t have to work as hard to perform well, the handling and steering will be snappier than they would be with a heavy bike, your brakes will perform better, and you will even have better fuel consumption, with the Honda Shadow 750 itself getting around 56 mpg.

For a beginner, a light, reliable bike like a Honda Shadow 750 is a perfect choice. The Honda Shadow has enough power to have a fun time, without producing too much power to the point where it is impossible to control for a nervous beginner. The light Honda will also have fast acing brakes and a ton of maneuverability on the road. Whether you are a seasoned veteran motorcycle owner or a beginner, you can’t go wrong with a small bike like the Honda Shadow 750.


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