Honda Sets Date for the 2014 Civic Hybrid and CNG


Pictured: 2014 Civic Si

If you’ve been holding out for the 2014 Honda Civic refresh, but are more interested in the alternative powertrains offered in the past, the updated models of the compressed natural gas and hybrid Civics will be released in February, Honda has said.

A trip to Honda’s website reveals that the 2012 Civic Natural Gas is still listed, but Autoblog did some digging and discovered that the 2013 model year was mostly sold to corporate and government fleets as a result of inventory build up from the year prior. The 2012 models still honor the $3,000 gas card incentive that was introduced in October 2012, Autoblog notes, adding that the 2014 Civic Natural Gas will get all of the same updates as the rest of the 2014 Civic lineup.

This includes some minor exterior touches, as well as a few interior adjustments and new technology. The five-speed automatic transmission will likely remain in place, though, instead of migrating to Honda’s continuously variable transmission (or CVT) unit.

Honda Civic

The pricing for the CNG variant has not been disclosed, though Autoblog notes that it will likely be the most expensive member of the Civic family. The base 2014 Civic starts at $18,190 ($18,390 for the coupe), about $225 more than the 2013 models. The new CVT unit, arguably the greatest change over the 2013 model year, supposedly raises the Civic’s city mileage by two miles per gallon, to 31 miles per gallon in the HF trim.

Honda is up against some renewed competition in the coming year, as a redesigned Toyota Corolla has been proving popular among buyers, and new domestic small cars have shaken up the economy compact segment.

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