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If you’ve been wondering about the Honda Ridgeline, this article was written just for you. The world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer jumped into auto manufacturing in the ’60s with its T360 pickup truck. Just like the Seoul-based Kia Motors Corporation, Honda Motor Company started out building parts for auto manufacturers.

However, there are two distinctions between Honda and Kia: Honda provided parts for Toyota nearly 20 years before Kia began building parts. Kia got its start in 1967 building Honda-licensed motorcycles such as the Honda CB350 Four.

The 2020 Honda Ridgeline top midsize pickup in its class

Honda’s automotive experience is long and vast — with nearly 58 years of pickup building experience. With such extensive experience, it’s no wonder the Honda Ridgeline is all the rave among automotive reviewers.

The 2020 Honda Ridgeline was named “#1 in Compact Pickup Trucks” by U.S. News. It received an extremely high score of 9.7 for safety and 8.9 for critics’ ratings. While it remains the top choice among compact trucks, professional reviewers say the Ridgeline lacks ruggedness and power compared to its competitors. Nevertheless, they give it high praise for being the most comfortable daily driver.

According to a review published by Edmunds, the 2020 Honda Ridgeline offers the most car-like experience compared to other compact pickups. Honda’s unibody design provides the Ridgeline with more interior space, noise isolation, and overall comfort for driver and passenger.

The 2020 Honda Ridgeline has some nifty storage tricks up its sleeve as well, which is rare for compact pickups. For example, Honda added a lockable in-bed trunk that is exclusively offered by the Ridgeline.

Honda Ridgeline owners absolutely love the sportiness

Honda continues to only offer one type of engine with the 2020 Ridgeline. It’s ZF 9HP 9-speed transverse automatic transmission mimics the continuously variable transmission (CVT) in smoothness and compliments the 280-horsepower V6.

The ZF 9HP became the new standard for the Honda Ridgeline. While this type of transmission definitely improves acceleration, it’s essentially more fuel-efficient than a six-speed.

Countless Honda Ridgeline communities in the United States do every kind of aftermarket modification imaginable. Despite professional reviewers giving it low marks for lacking toughness, off-road mods are plentiful. Of course, vehicles incapable of high performance on the track or in the mud, are compensated by aftermarket performance parts.

The more compensation required, the more modifications the vehicle needs to perform — resulting in sizable markets.

The 2020 Honda Ridgeline ushers in new exciting trims

The biggest and most noticeable change came in the form of different trim levels for 2020. Countless Ridgeline owner reviews have more than one feature they really like. In 2019, Honda did away with the entry-level Ridgeline. Which explains why the 2020 Sport trim goes far and beyond what owners expected from an “entry-level” trim. 

The sporty exterior aside, Honda managed to design a cabin that feels above-average — something most compact pickups fail to achieve. Additionally, push-button start and illuminated steering wheel-mounted controls are favorites of Ridgeline Sport drivers.

Nor did Honda forget about back passenger comfort, as plenty of beverage holders and rear vents come standard. With plenty of room, the 2020 Ridgeline can be a family vehicle or accommodate those seeking adventure.

Most Ridgeline owners mention something about loving the tech

U.S. News didn’t seem too impressed with the 2020 Honda Ridgeline’s infotainment system. Nonetheless, a large majority of consumer reviews on contradicted that sentiment — one would assume the opinions of actual owners hold more weight.

With that said, Honda integrated Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with HondaLink. This is why so many owners have posted raving reviews about the 2020 Honda Ridgeline’s dashboard tech. A multi-view rearview camera featuring three angles prevent you from scratching your beautiful pain job.

To sum it all up, if you’re considering buying the new Honda Ridgeline, you most likely won’t regret it. It seems brands like Honda, Nissan, and Toyota have disbanded the “Big Three” that once ruled the pickup market in the United States.

Ford, Chevy, and the Ram have some stiff competition in 2020. More than likely, that competition will only continue to heat up over the coming years.


What’s New for the 2020 Honda Ridgeline