Honda Reveals the Budget-Friendly Bike Everyone Must Consider

There are many great motorcycles on the market, and Honda is one of the most popular manufacturers. A few Honda Rebel bikes are great for beginners because they’re reliable and a breeze to maneuver. Honda Powersports also created the Fireblade bike, a limited edition 999cc-powered beast with a price tag approaching $30,000.

If you’ve got a smaller budget, don’t worry: Honda has plenty of options for you too. Ride Apart showcases one of Honda’s cheapest bikes in Brazil, the XRE300 Adventure bike. What else is there to love about this bike, and is there an American option?

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All about the Honda XRE300 Adventure

Adventure bikes are primarily designed for light-offroading adventures, resembling overgrown dirt bikes. However, like dual-sport bikes, they’re still easy and comfortable to drive on city roads. No matter the terrain, the Honda XRE300 Adventure is equipped to tackle it with a 291.6cc single-cylinder motor.

That equates to 26 hp and 23 lb-ft of torque, plus it has liquid-cooling and a dual-overhead-camshaft. Honda gave the XRE300 Adventure a Pro-Link rear suspension to ensure that it gets the most optimal traction. This long-travel suspension, capable of 10.2 feet of travel, gives it an excellent acceleration in off-roading situations. It’s also relatively easy to handle with a dry weight of 317 pounds.

It looks fearsome, shuttling drivers around town with its pointy beak and tail. It’s pretty comfortable with a two-up saddle and passenger guard rail, plus an upswept exhaust that keeps engine noise to a minimum. The exhaust also supplies more torque to the driver, yielding faster acceleration at higher RPMs. 

Drivers can enjoy their rides safely with dual-LED headlights, big side mirrors, and easy-to-read diagnostics on the digital instrument panel. ABS is optional, and the aluminum rims can withstand desert terrain easily. The Honda XRE 300 Adventure is only available in South America.

Americans can try the CRF300L Rally

Fortunately, the CRF300L Rally is identical to its Brazilian counterpart. It has a slightly lower displacement of 286cc, but it makes roughly the same amount of horsepower. It’s an improvement in many ways from the outgoing CRF generation, according to ADV Pulse. It has 10% more horsepower and 18% more peak torque thanks to intake efficiency, cam timing, and combustion chamber revisions.

The single-motor is also paired with a six-speed transmission, equipped with a new slip-assist clutch. Honda put the sixth gear into overdrive by shortening the gap between the first and fifth gears. It also got a lighter frame and swingarm to increase its maneuverability and shed a total of nine pounds.

The CRF300L Rally gets a bulkier kickstand to keep itself stable while parked, as well as a bigger fuel tank. Unlike the South American bike, the Honda CRF300L Rally is only available in red.

ADV Pulse says this bike is a comfortable cruiser on city streets and highways alike in terms of performance. Acceleration comes easily, twisty turns are a blast, and the small windshield adequately deflects the wind. However, it exhibited vibrations at highway speeds and shifting into the sixth gear sometimes causes some acceleration lag.

Off-road, the bike feels pleasantly lightweight and has no problems zooming up hills with no noticeable traction loss. The suspension absorbed the impact of small rocks and other debris on the dirt floor, never sacrificing rider comfort for performance.


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How much does each bike cost?

South American customers can pick up the Honda XRE300 Adventure for roughly $3,933. North Americans will have to pay slightly more for a CRF300 Rally at $5,999. It’s not as much of a steal, but rest assured that you’re still getting a fun ride for your money.