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It’s no secret that electric vehicles are going to be a large part of the automotive landscape and Honda plans to be a big player in the field. Earlier this week, the Japanese automaker announced plans to work in conjunction with General Motors to produce electric SUVs as part of its large goal of building 30 different EV models by 2030. On a side note, for many driving enthusiasts, two of those EVs will be sport-oriented cars, with one of them possibly being a “baby NSX.”

Honda introduces its two sports EV concepts
Honda introduces its two sports EV concepts. | Honda

Honda hinted that a “specialty” and “flagship” model is on the way

The Honda "flagship" concept teaser image
The Honda “flagship” concept teaser image. | Honda

Back in 2017, Honda released a Sports EV concept that had an elongated hood, digital headlights, and silhouette that was reminiscent of an older Datsun. All things considered, it was an adorably cool concept, but it didn’t garner that much hope in terms of what was to come. Fast forward five years and Honda has now given us two teaser images of sports cars cloaked in covers. One is called the “specialty” model and the other is called the “flagship” model. Now, there’s hope.

As Car and Driver pointed out, while we can only get a hint of what’s under the cover in each picture, the flagship looks very NSX-like. Its low-slung stature, wide-body, and short hood could mean that it’s a mid-engine, or mid-motor, platform much like the current NSX. If that’s the case, then it could mean that it be marketed as an Acura when it is finally unveiled.

The specialty model, on the other hand, looks to have a front-engine architecture and a higher ride height. Again, given its veiled status, our imaginations are running wild with what it could be. After all, there have been rumors of Honda releasing a “baby NSX” for a long time now, so could this be it? We’ll see.

Honda is teaming up with GM to build EV SUVs

The Honda speciality EV concept
The Honda specialty EV concept | Honda

During the same press conference that the sports EVs were announced, Honda also reported that it’s working with GM to produce the Prologue EV as well as an Acura EV SUV that will use GM batteries. This partnership between the two automakers also includes a plan to build “affordable EVs” by 2027 as part of Honda’s lofty 30-vehicle production goal.

Honda also mentioned that it will produce solid-state batteries for its EVs and will reduce the number of trim levels across the board in order to streamline production.

Could the specialty EV be the second coming of the S2000?

It’s possible, but we’re not holding our breath. After all, if Honda were to release a futuristic version of the S2000, it would likely need to be a convertible to mesh with the original version. But considering the new Acura Integra looks nothing like the original version, all bets are off.

For now, we can just stare at these teaser images and have our fingers crossed that at least one of these EV sports cars is coming to the U.S. in the future. After all, having the NSX as flagship worked well before, so why not have an electrified version stateside?


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