Honda Reels In Almost 900K Odyssey Vans for Fuel Pump Cover Defect


General Motors is occupying the majority of the recall spotlight at the moment, but over the weekend, Honda launched a voluminous recall effort covering nearly 900,000 Odyssey minivans that were built at Honda’s Lincoln, Alabama, plant between June 23, 2004, and September 4, 2010. The recall affects model years 2005 through 2010.

According to Honda’s filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety administration, a fuel-pump part has the potential to crack and result in a fuel leak, which could then elevate the risk of a fire. Due to the scope of the recall and its nature of pertaining to older model years, Honda says the parts won’t be available until this summer.

However, Honda — which is notifying the affected owners in the beginning of April — said that it will provide “interim” parts to customers until the permanent parts can be installed. Honda says that no fatalities, injuries, or accidents have occurred as a result of the defect that it is aware of.

Reuters reports that Honda said it had looked into several potential causes of the cracks in the fuel-pump strainer cover, including acid from chemicals found in car washes and low-PH materials used in fertilizer and dust control agents. The parts were made by a Japanese supplier, Denso, though the vehicles themselves were made in the United States.

The Odyssey is one of America’s most popular minivans, and Honda is thought of as a leader in the segment. That makes this particular recall a bit more stinging than usual, coupled with the fact that it’s a minivan specifically — a car designed for families with children.

Despite its relatively large size, Honda’s recall will likely do little to distract from the storm brewing in Michigan over General Motors’ 1.6-million-unit recall, as now a handful of regulatory agencies, a House subcommittee, and others are investigating why it took the company more than ten years to respond, as several people died as a result.

Regardless, it’s one of Honda’s largest recalls so far this year. The company also launched a recall for its 2014 Acura MDX SUV in December and has another one out for the Acura RLX of the same year, though both recalls are comparatively small in comparison (about 19,000 units and 7,700 units, respectively).