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Recalls are the worst. But they really suck when they come for our reliable sweethearts, the Hondas. The hundreds of thousands of Honda Ridgeline, Honda Passport, and Honda Pilots have been recalled for a serious problem resulting in the cars’ hoods potentially flying up while driving. You really gotta hate a Honda recall. 

2022 Honda Ridgeline on a white back ground in Grey. Although it wasn't this model, the new honda recall has decimated 725,000 cars.
2022 Honda Ridgeline | Honda

Is there a current Honda recall? 

According to, an unusual problem has risen with the hood striker for these Honda models. The hood striker is a part on the underside of the hood that helps keep the hood sealed shut. Without this piece working properly, too much air can get under the hood creating drag. If enough drag occurs, the latch can fail, and the hood will go flying up, blocking the driver’s view of the road. 

Affected vehicles include roughly 725,000 model-year 2019 Honda Passport SUVs, model-year 2016-19 Pilot SUVs, and model-year 2017-20 Honda Ridgeline pickup trucks. These models are known for being a little boring but ultimately some of the most practical cars on the road. 

So what exactly is causing this massive Honda recall? 

2022 Honda Passport TrailSport
2022 Honda Passport TrailSport | Honda

The specific issue is the gap between the closed hood and the upper grille, which may be too large to allow full contact between the hood and the striker. The rubber seal is meant to prevent airflow and reduce vibration between the two surfaces, but this doesn’t happen if the gap is too large. 

The recall states that “high-speed or highway driving with the affected vehicles over time can cause excessive movement of the hood caused by airflow through the gap, which may lead to hood striker damage and, potentially, to the hood itself.” Damage like this could also lead to the hood flying open while driving, increasing the risk of a crash.

Not another Honda Ridgeline recall 

Last year the Honda Ridgeline got slapped with a major recall for the bed’s tonneau cover not being properly secured. Here we are again with a different but equally annoying and dangerous securing issue for the Ridgeline. 

The Honda Ridgeline has seen massive critical success over the last few years, but sales have continued to struggle. Between the truck’s decidedly un-truckyness and these recalls, one can see why someone may be easily steered away. 

Unlike previous Honda recalls, the 2017-2020 Honda Ridgeline recall is not alone. The Honda Passport and Pilot are suffering from the same hood striker issue. 

What do you do if your car has been recalled? 

The 2022 Honda Pilot on the road
2022 Honda Pilot | Honda

Recalls are not a joke, and if a car company issues one, you should take it seriously. For this specific Honda recall, dealers will reinforce the striker area and inspect the hood for potential related damage. The hood will be replaced if related damage is found on an affected Honda Passport, Honda Pilot, or Honda Ridgeline outside the striker area. 

All related repairs will be done without charge by your Honda dealer. Honda will begin notifying owners in mid-January 2022. Suppose you have any further questions about your Honda. In that case, you can call the automaker at 888-234-2138, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s vehicle-safety hotline at 888-327-4236, or visit its website to check your vehicle identification number and learn more. 


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