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It’s no big secret that Honda is in fact a Japanese company. But now that it’s a staple in the American automotive market, many of its vehicles are built right here in the USA. In fact, the Honda Pilot, Honda Ridgeline, and Honda Odyssey are three of the most American-made vehicles on US soil. But are Honda off-road vehicles actually made in America? 

the Honda CRF450X blazing a trail in a green field
2021 Honda CRF450X | Honda Powrsports

Are favorites like the Honda Recon ATV, Honda Talon UTV, and Honda CR dirt bikes factory-built here in the states? Or elsewhere? Let’s do a little dive into where Honda Powersports creates its lovable lineup. 

Which ATVs are made in America? 

2021 Honda Fourtrax Recon is one of the ATVs made in America
Honda Recon ATV is an off-road vehicle made in America | Honda Powersports

According to Crow Survival, the most widely manufactured ATV and UTV companies in America are Can-Am and Polaris. However, that doesn’t mean that Honda doesn’t make off-road vehicles in the U.S. too. In fact, Honda of South Carolina just celebrated the production of its three millionth ATV this July, according to Honda Powersports News

While the Honda Powersports team does work closely with engineers in Japan’s Honda Powersports division, Honda ATVs and UTVs are made in America. The company depends on both the expertise in Japan and the United States in order to develop and improve products. But Honda’s off-road ATVs intended for U.S. markets are made right here on American soil. 

Honda Powersports USA relies on “its capable U.S. footprint for development and production.” With efforts in both Japan and the U.S. coming together, Honda is able to continue production of legendary off-road products in a growing market for outdoor recreation.

Where is the Honda Talon built? 

An orange Honda Talon side-by-side UTV model driving fast on a sandy off-road trail
2021 Honda Talon 1000X | Honda Powersports

In order to compete head on with the popular Polaris RZR, Honda designed the Talon UTV. This side-by-side (SXS) comes in both two-door and four-door versions. It’s a 999 cc engine Honda off-road vehicle with plenty of power for both work and fun. But where is the Honda Talon built? 

According to Honda Powersports, the Honda Talon is “made in the USA.” Still the entire project is international. Jeremy McGuire, the Chief Engineer of Development Planning in Marysville, OH, says that “the engine and transmission is still ultimately the responsibility of HGA (Honda Giken Asaka, or Honda Japan).” McGuire has been with Honda since 1999, so it’s safe to say that he understands the way things work when it comes to Honda’s product development. 

However, Japan’s responsibility in terms of Honda’s U.S. Powersports products ends with the transmission and engine. McGuire says, “They supply the engine and we develop everything else around it. The Ohio side is 100% responsible for the final Complete Build Unit. We’re responsible for the entire frame, body, plastics, electrical and suspension, with U.S. associates led by the project leaders within the respective function groups. Of course we have Japanese technical experts who are there also, but the development itself is largely led by U.S. staff.”

Other than the engine and transmission in the Honda Talon, Honda’s U.S. Powersports department is in charge of the development and production of the Talon and other off-road vehicles. Additionally, the Honda Talon and other ATVs and SXS products are made in Honda of South Carolina facilities. 

Are Honda dirt bikes made in America?

Honda’s first “made in America” product dates back to 1979 with the Maryville, OH production of the CR250M Elsinore. Since then, the plant remains a staple of Honda’s U.S. production. However, it’s now an automotive plant, and motorcycles, ATVs, and dirt bikes are no longer manufactured there.

Since motorcycle production ended there in 2009, all of Honda’s motorcycles and dirt bikes are manufactured in the Japanese plant in Kumamoto, according to Rider Magazine. So, while Honda’s other off-road vehicles are manufactured in South Carolina, the dirt bikes like the CR, CRF, CB, and Honda Trail bikes as well as all of its motorcycles are made in Japan and shipped to the states.


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