Honda Gold Wing: New vs Used

When these Honda motorcycles first came out, it sent a ripple through the industry. This long distance freedom fighter is Japanese engineered, but it’s an American hero. As far as a true touring bike goes, it’s hard to find a better one. In fact, you probably won’t.

New or used, the Gold Wing is a classic Honda motorcycle

This bike has won Cycle World’s top 10 multiple times and it’s basically common knowledge that the classic Gold Wing hasn’t really seen a bad year. But which year is the best to buy used?

New or used?

According to New Touring Rider, the used bikes still have plenty of highway miles left for new owners. If you are in search of a new (to you) Gold Wing, used Gold Wings from 2001 will be the GL 1800. Another great version of this strong-yet-cushy touring ride was I production from 1988-2001.

The GL 1500 generation was comfortable and mechanically sound. Plus, there are many of them on the road today. And, they are drastically less expensive than used GL 1800s because of their age.

The GL 1800 is still in production in Honda’s current Gold Wing generation. If you want a brand new Gold Wing, you’re looking at a starting price of $23,800. That’s for the Honda Gold Wing DCT in matte black metallic. But those prices run all the way up into the 30s with a starting of $32,300 for the Gold Wing Tour DCT Air Bag.

Newer models are awesome, but they can be pricey

If you aren’t trying to spend as much as an SUV on one of these, we suggest taking the used route. You can absolutely find a deal on a 2018 Gold Wing and it will be highly comparable to a 2020, just with fewer modern features and a lower price tag. Chances are you can find nearly any version of the Honda Gold Wing for sale in someone’s garage with low mileage.

The Gold Wing is a bike for dreamers. Sometimes dreams don’t become reality. An unfortunate fact for the first owner yet fortunately for the potential buyer searching for a low milage used bike. Searching for a lightly used low mileage Gold Wing is a great idea.

Are the old ones still worth it?

If you are mechanically inclined or familiar with these specific bikes because you grew up working on your dad’s Gold Wing, these bikes are great fixer uppers. Additionally, there are still plenty of GL 1500 models still on the road running smooth and ready for action. The price break for one of the older models of this Honda motorcycle is pretty substantial, too.

For example, a 2001 Honda Gold Wing 1800 with just over 50,000 miles on it goes for around $6,500. Or, you can go older for the 1500 generation. These are on the market for about $5,500 –– and that’s for a nice 1998 with just over 20,000 miles.

The Honda Gold Wing is a trusty classic

These examples aren’t old enough to put them in the antique category –– though there are Gold Wings from the 70s. They are trusty and classic, and backed by Honda’s famous reliability. The Japanese engineering in these motorcycles gets it right the first time, so there are few changes made through each generation.

Whether you buy a new or used Honda Gold Wing, you’ll most likely be happy. If you want a garage buddy for your car or an outfitted touring machine, the Honda Gold Wing’s got you covered. It all depends on how much money you’re willing to spend and how modern you like your amenities.


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