Honda Is Electrifying Its Lineup With 3 New Concept Cars and an SUV

A greener future is touted in the news every day, and the world is moving toward that goal on all levels. In the auto industry, the move is on from gas-powered vehicles to EVs. Honda is doing its part by expanding its EV lineup. Like many brands, Honda now has Chinese branches to develop its EV models. These companies came together to create the Honda China Electrification strategy.

Autoevolution reports that three new electric concept cars and an electric SUV will boost Honda’s already impressive EV collection. The five new vehicles will be introduced under the new e:N brand. Although the new e:N Architecture models won’t be found in North America until close to 2030, the company is aggressively expanding its EV goals and capabilities. For now, this collection will only be available in China. 

Honda introduces new EV architecture with e:N

The Honda e:N SUV Concept debuting at the 2021 Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition at the China Import and Export Fair Complex
Honda e:N SUV Concept | Stringer/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The all-new Honda EV vehicles will be built on e:N Architecture. These platforms can be adapted with different frames, powertrains, batteries, and wheelbases. The Japanese automaker will be creating two platforms. The first is a front-wheel-drive platform known as “e:N Architecture F.” This will be the platform for small to medium-sized vehicles, and will include hatchbacks, sedans, and smaller SUVs. 

The second platform will be available in both rear-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles and is called “e:N Architecture W.” Honda plans to use this platform for the first production EV that will be rolled out, the new Honda SUV, dubbed the e:NP1. 

A new EV Honda SUV

The new Honda e:NP1 is a crossover SUV made to compete with rivals like the Mazda CX-9 and the Chevy Traverse. It has a sleek, modern exterior featuring a new front end that has been streamlined for the EV line. The SUV also features hidden door handles and slim exterior mirrors. In looks, it can be compared to the Tesla Cybertruck, with modernistic, chiseled lines. 

This new SUV will have the e:N Architecture W platform in rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive configurations. There will also be two motors to choose from, and a large-capacity battery gives the e:NP1 plenty of stamina. This is part of the goal of reducing range anxiety among daily drivers. 

Honda EV concept cars 


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Honda is also creating three concepts to boost its EV collection. Although all the details are not yet known, we know the vehicles will be called the e:N COUPE, the e:N GT, and the e:N SUV. Currently, they all have straight-angled exteriors, which will probably be softened before public release at e:N dealerships in China

The design of these concept vehicles comes together with a u-shaped reverse light strip surrounding the front fascia on all three cars. Battery cooling is incorporated into the design, with a trapezoidal grille with triangular scoops. It is based on the e:N Architecture F platform, with one motor and a front-wheel-drive system for production models. 

Along with most automakers, Honda is embracing the switch to greener EV technology. Honda has the ambitious goal of offering 100% zero-emission electric vehicles by 2040 in North America. They want to realize “zero traffic collision fatalities” and complete “carbon neutrality” through connected technologies.