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The Honda CR-V is an excellent vehicle from one of the most trusted automakers. However, like many vehicles, the CR-V isn’t perfect. Some models are best avoided due to some fairly severe mechanical issues. Luckily, numerous model years of the beloved SUV are stellar. 

Here are three of the worst used Honda CR-V models. 

The 2019 Honda CR-V is one of the worst

While the 2022 Honda CR-V is a solid option, not all later models of the SUV are well received. One of the worst is the 2019 version. The 2019 Honda CR-V has several significant issues ranging from annoying to expensive. According to Vehicle History, this Honda SUV has five recalls from the NHTSA and 371 registered complaints.

The biggest problem associated with this model of the CR-V is related to the airbags. Unfortunately, the steering system causes damage to the airbag wiring, which is a safety issue. In addition, there have been cases of the automatic forward collision avoidance system activating at random times. The 2019 CR-V also has problems with fuel leaks, which also interfere with the oil. 

Besides the mechanical issues, this is actually a pretty solid SUV. Not only does it have top safety ratings, but it was also Autoweb’s Best Utility Vehicle of the Year. This Honda SUV also got Best Small SUV of the Year from the publication. Of course, the 2022 Honda CR-V would be a better option due to the lack of issues, but the 2019 model isn’t all bad. 

The used 2015 Honda CR-V

A red 2015 Honda CR-V. A used Honda CR-V can be risky
2015 Honda CR-V | Jim Mahoney/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images

The problematic 2015 Honda CR-V is another recent model that has mechanical issues that make it a less-than-stellar used SUV. One of the most pronounced of these CR-V problems is starter failure. Many owners complained of being unable to start their vehicles, which is among the worst problems a vehicle owner could have. The starter issue presented itself randomly, often leaving people stranded. 

People with the 2015 Honda CR-V also face issues with the sunroof shattering while driving. Some owners reported hearing a loud noise before the glass came crashing down. This is a safety issue as it could cause a driver to become distracted from the road or to even lose control of the wheel. This sunroof issue typically happens when the car is driving at highway speeds. 

Though less reported, this model Honda SUV had two other issues. People reported that the engine sometimes stalls while in reverse. This issue could easily cause an accident. The other is that the vehicle vibrates during driving, which is a transmission issue. 

The 2002 Honda CR-V

A group of Honda vehicles for at a dealership
Honda Vehicles | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The 2002 Honda CR-V also has some problems. Most of them aren’t as serious as the used 2015 Honda CR-V or the 2019 model, but it’s still a used Honda SUV buyers should perhaps avoid. One of the most complained about is a groaning noise that exists during turns. This issue stems from a differential fluid breakdown. 

This model of the CR-V also has issues related to comfort and convenience. One of the biggest is that the A/C compressor goes out in many people’s vehicles. In addition, the A/C often blows hot air. Regarding convenience issues, the locks also become sticky and difficult to open. 

This SUV is an overall reliable option from one of the most well-respected automakers. Although not every model is as good as the 2022 Honda CR-V, there are many other options besides these three.  

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