The Honda CR-X Cursed Car Color Has Some Dark Legends Surrounding it

Attention all Honda CR-X owners: you may have cursed paint if you have a certain car color. We’ve talked about paint colors and their popularity a good bit. Obviously, the color and quality of paint can greatly impact how much you like your car. However, we don’t often consider how that color was made or what it was made out of. We definitely don’t consider if a certain color might be cursed or not. 

This Honda CR-X car color is allegedly cursed

The folks at Car Bibles claim the Honda CR-X paint code Y-49 car color is cursed. For people who don’t have Honda paint codes memorized (people with lives), Y-49 is the paint code for Barbados Yellow. Legend has it that Honda CR-Xs in this color are cursed. Car Bibles point the legend’s origins to a particularly wacky Oocities site. According to Car Bibles, the site suddenly went offline as soon as they started asking around about the cursed car color.

The legend of the cursed Honda CR-X paint starts in the Honda factory 30-years ago when the CR-X came out. Legend has it that paint shop workers and Honda engineers supposedly fell ill by the toxicity of the paint, which, supposedly, was radioactive. Even the folks at Drivetribe and Car Throttle corroborate Car Bibles’ claim. Of course, Honda had no idea what they were talking about when asked about the cursed car color. 

Why is this Honda mystery so confounding? 

Car Bibes goes on at length about how they couldn’t find the website at all. The site they originally found is now a 404-error, and even the internet archives offered no clarity. They eventually dropped the URL in google and found a cached version of the homepage. Seems fishy. 

Basically, the story comes from Honda CR-X owners who bought these cars at the time. Many of them claim to have often had weird incidents with their yellow CRXs. The effects of the curse range anywhere from animals hitting these cars, strange freak accidents, other drivers hitting the yellow CR-Xs more often, and all manners of strange mechanical issues

While Car Bibles shares multiple strange accounts by CR-X owners from the now-defunct site, this one is one of the more compelling stories, and it’s from 

Forum member CRXBart posted, “I’ve never owned a Y-49, nor will I ever. I’ve had friends that have, and have had nothing, but problems. Seven years ago at Niagara six, we were driving home from the meet, and of the eight CR-Xs with us. The only Y-49 car blew its diff in the middle of Buffalo in the ghetto. The next weekend we towed it to my house with a car dolly, changed the tranny, and got stopped for street racing later that night. He is no longer into CR-Xes, the curse must have drained him of ambition.” 

MotorBiscuit weighs in on the Honda CR-X cursed car

Honda CRX in the cursed color, Y-49
Y-49 Honda CR-X | Joe Santos

Looking at other people’s stories can easily be a confirmation bias type situation. However, while researching this story, our very own Joe Santos had his own series of weird experiences with his personal Y-49 Honda CR-X. 

Santos commented that he had some very frustrating experiences surrounding the CR-X car color curse. He described his experience with the yellow CR-X, “it was like dealing with a stubborn child.” He said, “All I wanted to do was return it to stock and have a clean car. But, every little repair I did would eventually go wrong. It seemed like I had to do every repair twice.”

When asked for some specific examples, Santos said, “ I got the A/C system redone, including a new compressor. Three days later, it started leaking, and it had to get replaced. It also wouldn’t pass smog for various reasons, and I had to dump a bunch more money just to get it legal. It was so annoying that I sold it after less than a year of owning it.” 

So, is the Y-49 Honda CR-X a cursed car color? 

It’s hard to imagine that such a bright and fun car color could be so menacing, but there are plenty of stories to support the legends. I’m not sure if I think a car color can be cursed, but I also doubt I’ll ever buy a Barbados Yellow Honda CR-X either – to be safe. 

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