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When perusing Honda’s website to check out the current models, I came across the Honda Civic Type R TC. Of course, we’re all familiar with the current Civic Type R and its pocket-rocket glory, which is enough to hold us over until the 2023 model makes its debut. However, what is this Civic Type R TC model, and is it available to the public?

The Honda Civic Type R TC is for race teams only

2021 Honda Civic Type R TC on Track
2021 Honda Civic Type R TC on the track. | Honda

Unfortunately, the Honda Civic Type R TC is not available for public purchase. In fact, it’s not even meant to be on public roads. According to Honda, “The Type R TC is designed as a turn-key solution for professional racers, and for skilled Type R enthusiasts who wish to transition from track time in a stock Type R to a fully built race car.”

The Japanese automaker goes on to say that the race-ready Civic Type R is available to Honda Racing Line members with racing licenses through Honda Performance Development (HPD) for the fair price of $89,900. That’s actually quite the bargain considering most regular Civic Type R examples are currently selling for around $50,000 in stock form. But this one has a lot more on it.

What does the Civic Type R TC have on it?

The Civic Type R TC is loaded with suspension, braking, and chassis modifications that make it ready to run SRO Touring Car Americas’ TC Class and the SCCA’s T2 Class, hence the “TC” designation. According to MotorTrend, the TC stands for “Touring Car,” which is fitting considering the car’s extensive list of modifications. That list most notably includes:

  • HPD-tuned ECU
  • Eibach Race Springs
  • HPD/Borla turbo-back exhaust and downpipe
  • HPD front camber and caster plates
  • HPD/Bilstein adjustable dampers
  • HPD APR adjustable rear wing
  • Brembo 4-piston calipers
  • OMP racing seat
  • OMP window nets
  • HPD brake cooling inlet ducts
  • Forgestar F14 aluminum wheels
  • High-flow front grille
  • J’s Racing front vented hood
  • OMP racing harness
  • Hasport polyurethane engine mounts
  • OMP racing steering wheel

As far as power goes, the Civic Type R TC’s engine remains completely stock save for an aftermarket tune. That tuning means that its power output can range from 270 to 330 hp depending on the class the car is running in. There’s also a beefed-up limited-slip differential, lots of weight savings, and racing slicks for maximum grip in the corners.

2021 Honda Civic Type R TC Interior
Honda Performance Development Civic Type R TC Race Car | Honda

This modified Civic Type R provides a good value

2021 Honda Civic Type R TC Engine
Honda Performance Development Civic Type R TC Race Car Engine | Honda

All things considered, the Civic Type R TC provides a great value for what it has on it. If you’re the type that races on the weekend in one of the aforementioned series, then this turn-key race car is a better solution than buying stock Type R and modifying it. It’s also a lot safer too, considering everything is pieced together by HPD, so you know the quality is there.

Just don’t expect it to come with Honda’s warranty though, since it is a racecar after all. But if you’re putting your foot to the floor in one of these cars, we’re sure the last thing you’re worried about is a stinking warranty.


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