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Article Highlights:

  • A heavily modified Honda Civic Type R for sale in the UK
  • Can this Type R really be faster than a 720s?
  • This Type R is the anti-Type R

A McLaren 720s runs a sub-10 second quarter-mile time. Translated from drag racing speech that means “f*** fast.” Apparently, someone in the United Kindom thought a Honda was also capable of being “f*** fast.” So, this person (more accurately, company) did what any reasonable person (company) would. They built a 700+ horsepower Honda Civic Type R. Best part? Someone wants it gone.

This Honda Civic Type R makes 700+ hp

A yellow Honda Civic Type R on display at an auto show, shot in profile
Unfortunately, images of the modified example were unavailable | Scott Barbour via Getty Images

The Type R in question was built by a tuning company in the UK. It’s commonplace for aftermarket tuners to build cars to showcase the parts customers can order. Hell, that’s the founding principle of SEMA. Unfortunately, the listing was taken down after the car failed to sell on eBay in the UK. But that’s not going to stop us.

For starters, forbidden fruit. We never got the “FN2” generation of Civic here in the states. Stock the R version made right around 200 hp, so a lot of work went into boosting this version up to an astounding 788 hp. It was also the first of Honda’s fast Civics to use the K20 engine, a notoriously tunable powerplant. The eBay listing, detailed here.

Is this Type R actually faster than a Mclaren 720s?

A red McLaren 720s parked up in London, shot from the front 3/4
The 720s is a spaceship | Martyn Lucy via Getty Images

That said, all the built internals, new turbos, and high-flow fuel systems won’t stop physics. Unless this Civic Type R is running some insane drag racing slicks and ultra-wide wheels, it just won’t be enough to best a McLaren 720s at the drag strip. The 720 also has modern tech like launch and traction control as well as RWD on its side.

The Honda Civic Type R in question remained front-wheel drive. That’s far and away the biggest limiter here, technology aside. In FWD applications, 788 hp is a lot to send to wheels that are also tasked with steering and braking. That means you can forget the little Civic catching up in the corners as well. The McLaren 720s also has extreme aerodynamic advantages, being developed by a Formula 1 capable manufacturer and all.

You can own a 700+ hp Civic Type R

A silver FN2 generation Honda Civic Type R shot at the seaside from the front 3/4
The FN2 Civic Type R | Honda UK

Unfortunately, Honda just doesn’t go around tossing F1 tech into their road cars, despite supplying engines to Red Bull and Max Verstappen. McLaren does. But, this is a Honda. Honda Civic Type R’s have been eating supercars at the drag strip for decades, and maybe, on a good day, this Civic could do the same. A fascinating exercise in how far you can push the K20 engine? Yes. Attainable in the U.S.? Not for several years. Thankfully, we have the new Honda Civic Type R to tune up and race against unwitting McLarens.


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