The Honda Civic Sport Touring Is a Tourer for the People

The 2022 Civic is great in all of its forms. But, if you want the ultimate daily driver, consider the new Honda Civic Sport Touring hatchback. This tourer was built for the road in subtle ways that Civic sedans just aren’t. It’s more flexible and more versatile, and the specific design details on the Sport Touring set it apart from the pack. 

Check out 2022 Civic Sport Touring highlights, and see why reviewers love this model.

An affordable compact commuter car

The new Honda Civic hatchback starts at around $23,000 for the LX trim, but you can get one fully loaded for about $30,000. Specifically, the 2022 Civic Sport Touring starts at $29,850 and comes with a healthy amount of standard features. 

It’s a comfortable, dynamic ride that’s as well-suited to a cross-country trip as it is to your boring commute to the office. (Do people still go into the office? Is that still a thing? If it is, you might as well pilot something fun.)

2022 Honda Civic Sport Touring hatchback model driving down a city street
2022 Honda Civic Hatchback | Honda

The Civic Sport Touring specs and 0-60 time

Take a peek under the hood of the 2022 Civic Sport Touring hatchback and you’ll find Honda’s capable 1.5-liter turbo engine. This lively five-door is good for 180 horsepower and offers a 6-speed manual transmission and front-wheel drive standard. If an automatic is more your speed, you can opt for a CVT with dual-mode paddle shifters.

Is the 2022 Honda Civic Sport Touring fast? Redline Reviews reports that the Sport Touring’s 0-60 time is a cool 6.9 seconds.

Does the Civic Sport Touring offer all-wheel drive?

At this time, Honda still does not offer an all-wheel drive (AWD) system on any of its Civic models in the lineup. Adding AWD to the Civic Sport Touring could be just the thing to make it even more competitive against models like the Subaru Impreza hatchback, the Mazda3, and the recently released 2023 Toyota GR Corolla.

Is the Civic Sport Touring good on gas?

The 2022 Civic Sport Touring’s fuel economy isn’t the best among compact hatchbacks, but it’s respectable. The Sport Touring should see 28 mpg in the city and up to 37 mpg on the highway. 

With a 12.39-gallon tank, the 2022 Civic Sport Touring can go up to 458 miles on a full tank of gas if the driving is predominantly highway. With today’s gas prices, that’s not bad.

The 2022 Sport Touring’s interior is all-black-everything

Were you an emo kid in high school? You’ll love that the new Civic Sport Touring offers a black interior only to complement its Crystal Black Pearl, Platinum White Pearl, or Sonic Grey Peal exterior color. The cabin has gloss black and carbon-fiber-ish details to add more of a sporty vibe. The Sport Touring has heated seats but no memory settings. If you want more premium options, go for the well-appointed Accord sedan. 

The 2022 Civic Sport Touring shows its grand tourer flexibility behind the back seat. The hatchback’s cargo area offers a tidy 25 cubic feet of cargo room with the seats up. Fold the seats for up to 48 cubic feet of storage space—competitive in this segment with plenty of room for a trip to IKEA.

Interior shot of the 2022 Honda Civic hatchback with the six-speed manual transmission and an all-black cabin
2022 Honda Civic Hatchback with all-black interior | Honda

Tech and infotainment 

The 2022 Civic Sport Touring comes standard with a 9.0-inch screen hosting its relatively easy-to-use infotainment system. This top-of-the-line trim offers standard Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for effortless connection and a wireless phone charger for convenience on longer drives. 

USB ports boost your connectivity options, and the new Bose 12-speaker sound system brings a heavy serving of bassy goodness. Most cars use the Honda Premium sound system, so a real branded system is music to our ears.

Check out the full Redline Review of the 2022 Honda Civic Sport Touring model to see a POV video of how the Sport Touring handles. This video is one of the more thorough Civic Sport Touring reviews, so if you have questions remaining, watch this.


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