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Young people are in traffic accidents more often than any other age group. Statistics show that “nearly one-third of all U.S. traffic fatalities involve drivers under the age of 25.” How can we reduce deaths and traffic accidents in teens and young adults? Honda’s answer should improve teen driver safety, which could benefit these young drivers for the rest of their lives. Hopefully, those will be long lives.

Is education the key to improving teen driver safety?

Until we have a complete failsafe system to put people in a traveling pod controlled by a central computer system, we must rely on human error and reactions on the road. This means better education is key to improving safe driving on any road.

The Honda Newsroom tells us that Honda provides more than $2 million to financially support 25 organizations in the United States focused on teen diver safety. The goal is to improve the education and training provided to young drivers. Many of these training courses take education to a higher level than the mandated requirements of driver’s programs taught in high schools across the country.

Honda builds a driving experience that provides “Safety for Everyone”

The “Safety for Everyone” is an approach Honda has worked toward for many years. This approach offers a strong commitment to creating a safe environment for everyone on the road. The pledge to the initial 25 organizations took place during Teen Driver Safety Week in October of 2021, but that’s not where this commitment ended. Honda continues to grow this initiative and accept grant applications for funding teen driver safety organizations in 2023.

“Honda is pleased to support organizations actively working in their local communities, and at the national level, to advance driver education and safety awareness. Together, we hope to identify the most effective ways to reach and positively influence young drivers.”

– Yvette Hunsicker, vice president of Corporate Social Responsibility and Inclusion and Diversity at American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

How can families work toward teen driver safety without the Honda-funded programs?

Father Offering Driving Coaching to Daughter
Father Offering Driving Coaching to Daughter | Wiki Commons

Some drivers don’t live in areas with access to the Honda-funded programs. The Honda team understands this and offers a safety page on their website to offer tips for safety education. These tips and videos tell several stories and can aid parents and teens work together to build better driving habits.

These tips and guidelines offer an environment of coaching, training, and understanding. This can help parents stay calm and guide their young drivers. Of course, it’s also the responsibility of the teenager to be alert, engaged, and receptive to the coaching. By working together, families can use the Honda tools to ensure young drivers are properly equipped to drive defensively and safely on every road.

Aren’t driver-assist and safety features supposed to help drivers avoid crashes?

Honda Accord Showing What Honda Sensing Reviews
Honda Accord Showing What Honda Sensing Reviews | Honda

Yes, but not all vehicles on the road have these systems. The Honda Sensing Safety Suite is certainly one of the most comprehensive packages of safety features. Still, this system isn’t a replacement for good driving habits learned through education. Honda is committed to improving teen driver safety to help reduce the number of fatalities in this young age group.

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